The Fathering Advisor

Mutual” Custody?

I am a weeee bit confused on the issue of mutual custody. The Family Courts in New Rochelle, NY sanctioned a mutual custody decision, with certain stipulations presented by my wife’s attorney. Now a month after my acceptance of same, none if any of these so called agreements has been honored. My visitation rights have been blantantly ignored.

The court also chose to disregard the fact that the children were being abused by their mother. It was the children’s attorney who brought this to the same judge’s attention.

I need a more experienced individual with this kind of situation to give me some advice as to the best course of action. I will be more than happy to fill in any blank area on this issue if only I can get some form of help here.

Fathers are discovering that mutual custody and joint custody are often meaningless terms. Too many judges in the court system still hold to the traditional idea that raising children is women’s work. If you really did have mutual custody, you would not be begging for the right to “visit” your children.

It is not unusual to find such judges are unconcerned about child abuse by the mother. Let such an allegation be made against the father, however, and you will often see prompt and harsh “justice.”

If you want to save your children from further abuse, your best hope for help is an experienced and active lawyer who won’t settle for a defeat caused by this judge’s behavior.