Fathers and Sons

Fatherhood father and son photo

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The effort put into fatherhood is a man’s most important work. Our need to do something important and enduring is built into us by nature.

Taking a long view of the eons of human existence, it becomes apparent that raising our children is as essential to human survival as is eating or breathing.

The quality of our work will directly affect the quality of that existence, just as our forefathers’ love and work gave us the qualities we needed to get us this far.

Father Son Poem: Dragon Slayer
Here is a poem that I wrote for my son who is all boy: Stout of heart and courage too, Built to fight and win.

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Fathering Poetry, Father-Daughter Poems, Father-Son Poems
A great collection of poems about the joys and challenges of fatherhood for men with sons and daughters. From expectant fathers and new dads to parenting teens, it’s all here.

Fatherhood: True Stories
Real fatherhood in action – anecdotes. Moving stories of fathers in the daily lives of their children that every dad can relate to.

Fathers Day Poem: Every Day Is Fathers Day
Fathers Day Poem: Every day is Fathers Day when you are here to hold. Once you were a baby, now you’re nine years old.

Not a Father, a Daddy!
From teenage father to single dad.

Chaos and Control
To think that a particular parenting style will keep our children sheltered from the horrors of this world is ludicrous. The best we can do for our child is be present as life washes over him.

Family Vacation Summer Fun: Ideas for Dads
Vacation is in the air. After 180 days of school, what have you learned, dads?

A Father of Brothers
If you have more than one child, you soon realize you cannot love them the same. Your love for them is as different as they are.

Father-Son Poem: The Juniper Tree
Fathering poem about the father-son relationship in a natural outdoor setting, by Michael Mager.

Reclaiming Fatherhood
Fatherhood: fixing man’s broken chain of progenisis. A look at what needs to change in order for fathers to be more openly and actively involved in the raising of their children.

Father Poem: When Willie Wet the Bed
Closely he cuddled up to me, And put his hand in mine, Till all at once I seemed to be, Afloat in seas of brine.

Baseball – Beginning Father-Son Sports Activities with Young Boys
This story shows us not only how fathers affect the lives of young boys, but how men learn from their sons as well.

Youth Baseball Practice – Father-Son Sports Activities with Young Boys
The youth baseball season is unlike any other season. With a little preparation, it can be as much fun for you as it is for the players.
Soccer drill videos – Sports
Soccer drill videos for training. As soccer gains popularity in the US, there is a shortage of qualified soccer training experts.

Which Parent Should Stay Home?
Just because you are the Dad does not mean that you would be the best choice to stay home with the kids while your wife goes to work. There are many things to consider first, like who is the best suited for the job.

Single Father Who Stayed Single
Interview with a single father and his son. One boy says he is lucky to be raised by a single dad rather than a single mom like so many of his friends.

Single Father Talks about Romance and Parenting
An intentional single father talks about why he chose to have a child outside of a relationship.

Encounters with Oedipus Rex
The Oedipus complex: Insight into the often unexpected sexual behavior of young children.

New-Father Poem: Our Baby Is A Boy
The picture of fatherhood. The photo made it clear that we would have a son. I could picture him already as a little boy. Fathering poetry, by A.A.Talbert

Father-son poem: A Separation
A warm embrace, Perhaps more than one. A touch, A touch to say I am O.K. A look, A look to say, Maybe, Just maybe, I am the son, The son he always wanted.

Father from Afar
Fathers from afar must learn how to hear what is not said, feel what is not seen, and say what should be said.

Teaching Children the Importance of Winning
Encouraging in our children the drive to win is just as important as teaching them to lose gracefully.

Awee — part one, fiction by Nasdijj (Timothy Patrick Barrus)
Behind all of his resolute complexity, there is a tender, rather scared boy, a boy who sometimes trembles, and I have to keep reminding myself of that.

Bias Suit Reveals the Truth behind Schools’ Boy Crisis
Two decades ago, boys were doing just fine. But now girls outnumber boys 2 to 1 on the honor roll, and about 60% of Advanced Placement students are female.
Fatherless Boys at Risk
Those boys whose fathers were absent from the household had double the odds of being incarcerated — even when other factors such as race, income, parent education and urban residence were held constant.

Dads Are Important: A True Story of What Fathers Do
Jack Kammer’s story shows us how fathers affect the lives of teenage boys.
85% of Youths in Prison Grew Up in Fatherless Home
Source: Texas Department of Corrections.
Father-Son Poem: Rage
that spark of me that beats in his heart. hear it pound, too, in mine, my son. it started as a whisper in your mother’s ear.