Fathers and Daughters

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You will find poems and articles here by fathers who enjoy raising their daughters, and by daughters who value the relationship they have or had with their fathers.

Taking a long view of the eons of human existence, it becomes apparent that raising our children is as essential to our continued survival as is eating or breathing.

Fathering Poetry, Father-Daughter Poems, Father-Son Poems
A great collection of poems about the joys and challenges of fatherhood for men with sons and daughters. From expectant fathers and new dads to parenting teens, it’s all here.

Father Daughter Poems: The Wonder Kid
A wonder kid is always good. A wonder kid does what she should. A wonder kid is never bad. A wonder kid makes daddies glad.

Traits of a Good Parent
You might think that the Stay-At-Home-Parent should be an expert in certain areas like time management or household organization. It turns out that these aren’t as vital to being a good Chief Household Officer as you might think…

The Challenge of Birthday Parties
It seems that in an effort to keep up with the Joneses, parents these days feel compelled to host more and more elaborate parties for their kids.

Daddy Poem: Frozen Moments
Father-child poetry, by Tom Krause. You were so excited. Then you got quiet and said, I love you Daddy.

Encounters with Oedipus Rex
The Oedipus complex: Insight into the often unexpected sexual behavior of young children.

Daughters: Dragonflies
Erin is almost eight and, for now anyway, is still Daddy’s Little Girl.

Father-Daughter Poem: The Single Parent
My little one sleeps, a bump on a log. She always wakes up her head in a fog.

Single Dad Raising a Girl
I don’t play Barbies as often as she’d like. Anyway, there are times I actually sit here and think about what it is that’s missing for her.

A Big Job
That was the moment when I knew how important daddies can be to little girls.

Your Father, Why Bother: The Father-Daughter Relationship
Sometimes we daughters don’t give the time and effort that we should. How daughters can strengthen relationships with their fathers.

Parents Judging Parents: A Preventable Flaw
When it comes to parenting, everyone and their brother has an opinion on how to do it best.

Man of the House – A Single Father Talks
Daily life is trial by fire for the male single parent.

Poem for a Sick Child: The Drugged Hoods
It’s about being a father during a trying time, when my daughter was put in the hospital. By Michael Graber.

Fathers Day – Victorious Wings
A daughter remembers girlhood days of chasing butterflies with a net made by her Dad.

Her mother said “Your father left you because he doesn’t love you.” Now she has learned the truth–her loving father was forced out of her life.

The Tragedy of Lies Told in Divorce Court: My Dad Hates Me
My Dad hates me. That’s what my Mom told me, so that’s what I told the judge. This is how family court works after a divorce.

Daddy Poem: For My Daughter
And even when you most annoy, I can’t help smiling at your nerve; As if the impudence you serve Adds tartness to my dish of joy

Fathers Are Essential
Scores of research studies have documented the positive effects of involved fathers.

A Perpetual Tug-of-War: Persuading Kids to Help Clean Up
My kids are as averse to picking up after themselves as most of us are to dental procedures.

Joy of Fatherhood: A Three Year Old and a Wedding
One of those special joys of fatherhood. My wife and I were excited that our two year old would be a flower girl a day before her third birthday. What a pretty picture!

Daddy-Daughter Poem: Father of the Bride
the lump in his throat when she brought the message he knew would come from one who was a child, is his child, is a woman, is another’s bride.

Portrait of Father
It’s the father I remember from my childhood, the one who threw me up in the air, rode me on his shoulders, my first love.

Recycled Dad
I witnessed first hand the strong father/daughter bond they shared; an invaluable joy which I had never experienced in my own life.
On Disney, Daughters, and Dads
Analyzing the Disney portrayal of the father-daughter relationship.

Blended Family Homework
A man’s most important work is done at home. Blended families have fun working together to build an environment where everyone feels at home.

Kansas Mourning
A young father must find his six-year-old daughter, who has been abducted by his former wife.
Fathering Daughters: Reflections by Men
Dads relate the important things they have learned as the fathers of girls, from Amazon Books. By Dewitt Henry and James Alan McPherson