National Prostate Cancer Coalition

based on the National Breast Cancer Coalition model

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Prostate cancer is a devastating disease that will kill over 41,000 men
this year. Funding for prostate cancer research pales in comparison to
that for diseases with a similar mortality rate.

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The National Prostate Cancer Coalition has been formed, based on the
model of the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

American Foundation for Urologic Disease
300 West Pratt Street, Suite 401
Baltimore, MD 21201-2463

A newly formed army of prostate cancer patients, advocates and supporting
organizations, the National Prostate Cancer Coalition (NPCC), was created
this weekend at a major meeting in Las Colinas, TX. It is estimated that
over six million men currently have some form of prostate cancer in the
United States. This year 317,000 cases will be diagnosed and 41,000 men
will die from prostate cancer in this country.

The task force meeting was called by the American Foundation for Urological
Disease (A.F.U.D.) and the Honorary Chair was Mr. John Huntsman.
“We stand in awe of the achievements of the National Breast Cancer
Coalition and look forward to accomplishing great things,”
stated Mr. Thomas A. Bruckman, Executive Director of the A.F.U.D. in his
welcoming remarks.

Bob Samuels, newly elected chairman of the NPCC Steering Committee stated,

Until now, there has been no organized attempt to unite prostate cancer
efforts. Public awareness of the magnitude and effect of prostate
cancer on American families will become a national concern as a result
of this taskforce.

All major national prostate cancer groups were represented including
American Cancer Society/Man-to-Man, Prostate Cancer Support Network (PCSN),
Patients Advocating Advanced Cancer Treatment (PAACT), US TOO, Intl, Inc.,
CaPCURE, the Matthews Foundation, MENCANACT, the American Prostate Society,
and other advocacy organizations such as the Men’s Health Network.

In the first public announcement of the formation of the NPCC, spokesperson
Ed Kaps, A.F.U.D. trustee and co-founder of the US TOO prostate cancer
support group movement, stated,

Prostate cancer forces are uniting to bring public awareness to the
magnitude of prostate cancer and to ultimately eradicate it as a
national plague to our families. The NPCC is inclusive, bringing
together impassioned men and women who have been impacted by prostate
cancer, prostate cancer organizations, health care professionals and all
others who want to be part of our collective voice. We will not
diminish the need for additional research for any disease; we know that
discoveries and cures, for each cancer will lead to discoveries and
cures for all cancers.

In her keynote address to the taskforce, Jane Reese-Coulburne, Vice
President of the National Breast Cancer Coalition persuaded the attendees
that the National Prostate Cancer Coalition could be formed. Since the
organization of the National Breast Cancer Coalition in 1991, breast
cancer advocates have become a major force in American politics. Richard
Klausner, M.D., Director of the National Cancer Institute; Don Coffey,
Ph.D., President of the Association for the Advancement of Cancer
Research; Alan Milbauer Ph.D., Vice-President of External Affairs, ZENECA
Pharmaceuticals; and Jean Fourcroy, M.D., Ph.D., president of the American
Medical Women’s Association also encouraged the formation of the prostate
cancer coalition and charged the group to bring the issues of prostate
cancer to the public forefront.

Funding for the prostate cancer taskforce meeting was provided by an
educational grant from ZENECA Pharmaceuticals, Wilmington, Delaware.

Prostate cancer is now the leading cancer threat and the second leading
cause of cancer related deaths to American men. Afro-American men have the
highest incidence of prostate cancer than any population in the world. In
1996, federal allocations for prostate cancer research totaled less than
$80 million.

The American Foundation for Urologic Disease (A.F.U.D.) is a Baltimore,
Maryland based not-for-profit charitable organization whose mission is the
prevention and cure of urologic diseases through the expansion of research,
education, and public awareness. The A.F.U.D. Research Scholar Program has
provided over $20 million to approximately 300 urologic research
investigators since 1976.

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