Poem: Who’s Your Daddy?

by Salvador G. Valdez

Who’s Your Daddy?

The leader said, “My daddy is an aeronautical engineer.
He is working on the stealth planes, few have that career.
He goes to different cities almost every week; he is an important man.
He might be home this weekend and might take me for a ride in the van.”

“My Daddy works on the mountains for a mining company.
He is responsible for tons and tons of copper ore.
He works lots of overtime so he brings home a lot of money.
He says that when he finds time he will take me to the sporting goods store.”

“My Daddy works in the tallest skyscraper he is a CEO in that company.
He has so many meetings that he has everybody hopping like a bunny.
Sometimes I don’t see him but I know he was home by the empty cereal bowl.
He promised that this year no matter what we’re going to the Super Bowl.”

“My Daddy digs ditches in the Last Stop Cemetery.
He comes home after work and helps me not to be contrary.
We work on the yard, and after we finish we play catch.
We also sit and look at the planes go by and with our dog play fetch.

“We also wonder of those that work close to the sky and greatness.
You guys must be proud how your Daddies keep up with all that madness.
It must be nice being so high all the time never worrying about pennies.
We thank the Lord for what we’ve got and we’re glad we’re such good buddies.”

(From the manuscript Sentiments of a Poet)
Copyright © 1999 Salvador G. Valdez

Salvador G. Valdez
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