Father Poem: A Child’s Hug

by Salvador G. Valdez

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A Child’s Hug

There are times when life overwhelms us.
We talk and try to resolve our problems.
We seek the All Mighty’s Mercy.
From the helpless we ask, they deem us crazy.

We run around in circles to the point of dejavue.
When we finish the round we start over again.
While sitting watching closely, a child wants to be wooed.
We have no time for childish things worry is in our brain.

Gentle tugs we most surely ignore.
While the little one is waiting to adore.
Some times the little tugs free us from our entangled world.
In the huge eyes our worries dissolve into a smile unfurled.

Longingly the child invites to be embraced.
We of instinct respond as though we are giving.
If a child is Heaven sent, then we are not giving but receiving.
It is a child’s hug that permeates our soul and thus we are graced.

(From the manuscript Sentiments of a Poet)
Copyright © 1999 Salvador G. Valdez

Salvador G. Valdez
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