Father-Daughter Poem: Raising Child

by A.A.Talbert

Raising ChildMy raising task seems filled with just two vital things
At first to give her roots and then to give her wings
In diapers needs a child love and touch unbound
A soft kiss sturdy hugs and deturge bottom ground
Consistency in warmth and caring is the earth
To grow deep baby confidence and rooted worth

Comes later need to spread herself without the ties

That baby relished pointing visage on new skies
Our open arms to come and go she’ll one day want
For feather pinion means to fledgling wildings flaunt
As for myself as father follow just one adage
In doing all I do above all do no damage

From Sonnets in Six: The Birth of a Son by A.A.Talbert

Copyright ©1994 A.A.Talbert.
All rights reserved.

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