The Price of Love


Illustrated by Salvo “Uncle Man” Arione


Money’s not the price of love
It can’t give me your heart
To bring me your affection it is
Worthless from the start
For money takes me from you 


Both to earn it and to spend
When what you need’s to have me close
To help you learn to fend 
Kindness, too, won’t steal your love
Though many think it must:
“If charity begins at home
It can’t create but trust”Yet goodwill flows from me to you


Its path is one way only;
It proves how pure and kind I am
But leaves you feeling lonely 
If I listen when you speak to me
And share your ins and outs

If I smile your affections and
Endure your angry boutsThen the hours that I spend on you


Bring treasures most sublime;
There’s one thing that can buy your love–
The price of love is time

The Price of Love
is from an illustrated
collection of childrens poetry called
Papa’s Poems: Poetry for Fathers to Enjoy With Their Toddlers
by A.A.Talbert.

Copyright ©1998 A.A.Talbert.
All rights reserved.

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