Just Let Me Be a Dad

Practical advice for divorcing fathers.

Just Let Me Be a Dad, by Michelle Denise Lovato. ISBN 1-55630-199-5, Brentwood Publishers, Columbus, GA, 1995.

Available from YMO Enterprises, PO Box 84, Barstow, CA 92312.

Eighty-five percent of divorces are initiated by women. The men these women leave behind sometimes dare to remarry, and some of the most important and practical work on the Fathers’ Rights front is being done by second wives. A good example of their work is Just Let Me Be a Dad, by Michelle Denise Lovato.

The book opens with the observation that the US has “…a family legal system that is spinning out of control, seemingly rabid with bias in favor of women.”

The book advises men to do everything they can to stay out of court, then goes on as a sort of practical legal guide to those in custody battles.

You’ll find a lengthy interview with a California Superior Court judge who went through a divorce, several case histories, a glossary of legal terms, and a state by state listing of resources.

Probably the most frank advice comes on page two of this self-published book. The author tells us what the fathers who have been through the legal system have to say about their experience:

“If they had it to do again, they all admit they would take their children and run.”