Daddy’s Baby Diaper Poem

by A.A.Talbert

fatherhood - smiling baby boy
“fatherhood” image © Iryna Shpulak – All rights reserved.

First Month

Cry kick scream poop pee smelly messy stinky diaper
Undress warm water powder cream skin navel wiper 
Dress up look big eyes ththwarth poop pee kick scream and cry 
Undress re-diaper wet jet change again he's dry 

Cry rock pat bundle cradle cuddle pacify 
Sing nursery rhyme nope try another lullaby 
Lay flat on side pat cuddle coo count baby sheep 
Shut eyes clench fists now listen breathing peaceful sleep 

Cry crinkle face look left reach right pump piston jaws 
Suck in strong vacuum going at it wide-eyed pause 
Feed several times each night don't sleep past early seven 
Sit worry wonder fret despair he smiles heaven 

From Sonnets in Six: The Birth of a Son by A.A.Talbert

Copyright ©1994 A.A.Talbert.
All rights reserved.

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