New-Father Poem: Our Baby Is a Boy

by A.A.Talbert

fatherhood--a new son
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Our Baby Is a Boy

Today we found out that our baby is a boy
In spite of holding back our wish it charged our joy
The doctor took a picture showed his beating heart
And showed the little place at which his manhood starts

We both longed for a boy but knew that if the world
Chose not to fill our longing we’d sure love a girl
We’d dote enormously and cherish without bound
And bring her up the kind of woman rarely found

But now that it’s a boy our preference won’t impale
He wants as much as we for us to want a male
Our lives as his are full and we are all complete
We’ll have the little boy we want and kiss his little feet

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From Sonnets in Six: The Birth of a Son by A.A.Talbert

Copyright ©1994 A.A.Talbert.
All rights reserved.