Father-Son Poem: Jacob’s Ritual

By David Francis Spring

© Garry – Fotolia.com All rights reserved.

Jacob’s Ritual

Your wailing in the night’s silence
Is my patience true test
Removed from my warm bed
The coldness hits my chest

Exhausted and frustrated
I stumbled to the door
Standing, upset and frightened
Your bear was on the floor

I quickly picked you up
And gave you back your bear
You reached up toward my head
And ran your hands through my hair

You stared into my eyes
A moment, forever, I hoped would last
A mirror stood between us,
Reflecting your future and my past

Drifting off to sleep
You held my neck so very tightly
Nestled on my shoulder
I tilted your head just so slightly

Never have I known
A moment so tender and so sweet
A warmth flushed my body
Your comfort spawned the heat

Now I’ll lay you down
So you can dream of days ahead
I’ll tuck you in so softly
So tenderly in your bed

I’ll always be there for you
No matter what, where or when
But now I must get my rest
For soon, you’ll have me up again

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