Fathers Day Poem: Every Day Is Father’s Day

Poem by Scott Hunter

boy portrait
boy portrait © Angelina Matsiievska – Fotolia.com All rights reserved.

Every Day Is Father’s Day

Every day is Father's Day when you are here to hold.
Once you were a baby, now you're nine years old.

I saw you take your first few steps; I've watched you slip and fall.
I saw your tears and all your hurts, you had me kiss them all.

I taught you how to color and how to tie your shoes.
You'll always be my little boy and that's why I love you.

I tucked you in your bed each night and read your books to you.
I would say "just one tonight" then we would read two.

When the book was over and I'd turn out the light, you
would say "I love you daddy" each and every night.

Now that you are bigger, you are so much like me.
We laugh, we cry, we talk a lot; there is no place I'd rather be.

We'll grow up together and I'll be there for you, because
I will always love you and you'll love your daddy too.

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