Conception Poem: The Child of the New Millennium

by Salvador G. Valdez

boy photo 1999 Corbis. All rights reserved.

This poem was first conceived
on April 8th, the ideal day to conceive the first child of the
new millennium.

Let us consummate our love in rich warm passion.
Apocalyptic fears will soon be a passing fashion.
Forget the troubles brought by this global economy.
He who once bedded in straw will provide for our family.

The child of the new millennium will be the fruit of our love.
A fuller richer life our child will share, something unheard of.
The bitterness of illness genetics will erase.
Lines of worry and sorrow you will never have to face.

Let’s trust that love will endure another two thousand years.
More people, more love will calm our fears.
Be not anxious if tomorrow we shouldn’t have a penny.
Look to him, with two loaves he fed so many.

And those who hoard must also yield.
Be of mind that those who destroy must also build.
Our child will sow and reap from Mother Earth’s best.
If our love is pure and true peace will be our child’s nest.

Let not the new millennium deny our hopes and dreams.
May loss of hate and gain of love be our child’s best schemes
May hope in the new millennium our child forever view.
Like the flower that for eons has soaked the morning dew.

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(From the manuscript Sentiments of a Poet)
Copyright © 1999 Salvador G. Valdez

Salvador G. Valdez
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