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Something different?

If we haven't offended you yet, then you must be new here.

If you think you have us pegged, look again. Read The Case for Father Custody, or Fathers' Rights Are Fathers' Duties, and you might think FatherMag is run by a Republican right-wing conservative Christian group.

If that's what's bothering you, then you'll find relief in Classical Fathering, which is certain to offend any Christian, Jewish or Muslim reader.

We sometimes receive complaints that too much of the FatherMag site is written by women. After all, in Deserted, a woman talks about her anger after her father was excluded from the family. In Second Wives, Second Families, a number of women write about the problems of living with men who still have commitments to the families formed in earlier marriages.

On the other hand, if you first came across our sections Women Who Rape and Women Who Kidnap, you might think we are anti-woman. Indeed, Taliban Movement Gains Strength in America is seen as mysogonist by anyone but the most careful of readers, as is In the Land of Woe.

Don't judge us by the first article you read here. FatherMag is often fiercely pro-male, but it is not anti-woman, anti-Christian, anti-Republican, anti-Democrat, or anti-anything, except perhaps anti-boredom. We hope that even though you're occasionally offended, you'll find that FatherMag is not just another bland parenting magazine. We really do have something to offend everyone. If we haven't offended you yet, then you must be new here.

Are You a Potential Child Abuser? tries to approach a subject no one wants to think about, while The Joy of Fathering is full of stuff that makes it all sound like fun. Practical advice for fathers can be found in articles like Is it Soup Yet?, Suggestions for the New Single Father or Teaching Children the Importance of Winning.

Then there are sections on the Male Body; and others like Fathering Poetry, Fathering Fiction, and Fathering News. Still looking for something else? Once you've seen it all, if you think that what ought to be at FatherMag isn't yet, then there is one page of last resort.

The on-line magazine for men with families.