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Role Play Dads
Playing daddy is a bit like playing doctor. Inspired by the real thing, but definitely not the same.

The War on Boys
Sexting and teen intimacy. Female prosecutors seem eager to put every healthy young male on the sex offender list.

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Father Daughter Poems, Father Son Poems. Add your poems!

Fathers of children with various forms of autism share their experience.

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Newest Articles

The FODMAP Diet for IBS-D sufferers
The latest news and social media discussion about the FODMAP diet for IBS-D sufferers.

Nymox's New Prostate Drug Shows Dramatic Decrease in Prostate Cancer and Major Reduction in Need for BPH Prostate Surgery.

Fathers Views on the Intervention Approach in Relais-Peres Project
The Relais-Pères project proposes an innovative approach to reaching out to and supporting fathers in vulnerable circumstances.

How NGO Money Corrupts African Legal Systems
Rescue? Overfunded save-the-women NGOs have descended on African legal systems like a swarm of eager ambulance chasing lawyers after a multi car pileup. The result has been a host of wrongly convicted 'rapists' who have never even met their supposed victims.

Circumcision and AIDS: The World's Greatest Test
Imagine testing male circumcision in a country with a population in the hundreds of millions. Manage to circumcise the majority of men. Then introduce AIDS and see how it spreads. This test has been done!

Autism Therapy: Floortime or Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)
Parents facing the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in one or more of their children are presented many options for treatment. Floortime and RDI are two of them.

Parenting a PPD-NOS child: Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified
My daughter Jasmijn (10) has a mild form of autism called ppd-nos. This type of ASD is very often overlooked.

House Bill 1208: Teen Sex Offenders
This law only strengthens the ability for law enforcement and communities to further harm teen offenders. It encourages abuse of an already dysfunctional system. Prosecutors are having a field day at the expense of the American teenager.

Why Your Son needs Fatherly Advice about "Sexting"
Sexting is treated as child pornography in almost every state, and it catches teens completely off guard because this is a fairly natural and normal thing for them to do.

Sexting Is Normal Teen Behavior
Parents want their rights back as parents and teens just want to be teenagers again without worrying that they will be labeled as sex offenders for taking nude photos of themselves.

Boys Will Be Boys? Not anymore, now they're juvenile sex offenders
Instead of fostering an environment in which lessons are learned and mistakes are rectified, the legal system is creating even bigger problems for these boys and their families.

Sex Abuse: Juvenile Sex Offenders
Sex Abuse - Teens become targets when prosecuted under ridiculous state laws. Normal teenage behavior is considered a sex crime by some actvist prosecutors.

Boys Accused of Sex Abuse
Gender discussions are around every corner. We have never been more sensitive and protective as a society when it comes to sexual abuse or anything which vaguely smacks of inappropriate or uninvited sexual advances.

Like Sex, Hatred Can Be An Addiction
I see families destroyed, with everyone indulging themselves, high on hatred. I see police, prosecutors, prisons, social workers, therapists and the news media all making the most for themselves out of every situation while claiming they are only doing it just to be helpful.

Dads Give Us Wings - Father Daughter Poems
by Susan M. Keenan   Dads give us wings with which to fly. They tell us be strong and never cry. Yet, they fold us up in their strong arms To protect us from all of life's harms.   Dads...

Jack's Dancing in the Surf - Father Son Poems
by Charlie Rossiteras the sky darkens through twilight to night he's becoming almost invisible or is he transforming to pure spirit his clothes are soaked and he's jumping over knee high waves it's eight o'clock mid-september, Mercury bright on the...

Juvenile Sex Offenders - Children accused of rape
The abuse fanaticism which began by destroying the lives of men and then women, is now beginning to devour children.

No Sacrifice: Maintaining Life After Fatherhood
Many men, both with and without children, struggle with the idea of maintaining their hobbies and interests in the wake of having children.

I knew going into this fatherhood thing that it would be difficult and that I would make mistakes. However, I never knew how right I could be.

Father Son Poem: Dragon Slayer
Here is a poem that I wrote for my son who is all boy: Stout of heart and courage too, Built to fight and win.

ChAnGeR: The Single Father
A single father since the age of seventeen, ChAnGeR has learned a lot of life's lessons at a young age.

The 40-Year-Old Version: Humoirs of a Divorced Dad
Schwartzberg reminds fellow dads that it does not matter what road you are on, we as fathers are still called to stay the course. It is our job to be our sons and daughters biggest fans.

Mother killed, unborn child taken from womb
The child was taken from the womb of her former neighbor, 23 year old Darlene Haynes, whose mutilated body was found wrapped in a sheet and shoved into a closet.

Karate: The Students Guide to Surviving a Traditional Dojo
Book Review: How fathers and children can make the most out of their martial arts experience.

Tamiflu, Relenza: H1N1 Swine Flu
Doubts arise as governments build supply of millions of doses of Tamiflu to combat H1N1 swine influenza. Will Tamiflu or Relenza protect your family?

Custody and Divorce: Don't walk away from responsibility
One man's journey through the murky waters of divorce and single parenthood after winning custody of his three children.

Some Autism Types and Treatment Options
How to recognize when a child has social skills difficulties and what parents can do about it.


Economic Recession Puts Pressure on Families
Many families are experiencing some sort of loss – job, retirement money, home, income, medical insurance, etc. It can be depressing to dads. So what should we do?

Support for Fathers of Premature Infants
Fathers of premature infants might feel lost in the shuffle while their new babies are in the neonatal intensive care unit. Ways to help fathers of preterm babies.

Parental Alienation Syndrome
It's easy enough to find material describing PAS and how devastating it can be. But this book actually proposes effective countermeasures.

The Measure of a Man
Book review. There is no other court in the land where the penalty for perjury does not exist.

PAS: Beyond the High Road
PAS book review. Parental alienation syndrome and the pitfalls of being the good parent.

Between Two Worlds: The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce
More evidence that social breakdown begins at home.

adult height projection calculation formula and bone age in puberty
timing of onset of puberty is related more to bone age than to chronologic age. Determination method must be stated along with bone age assessment.

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