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Father Son Poem: Dragon Slayer
Here is a poem that I wrote for my son who is all boy: Stout of heart and courage too, Built to fight and win.

Daddy Poem: For My Daughter
And even when you most annoy, I can't help smiling at your nerve; As if the impudence you serve Adds tartness to my dish of joy

Daddy Poem: Frozen Moments
Father-child poetry, by Tom Krause. You were so excited. Then you got quiet and said, I love you Daddy.

Father Daughter Poems: The Wonder Kid
A wonder kid is always good. A wonder kid does what she should. A wonder kid is never bad. A wonder kid makes daddies glad.

Father-son poem: A Separation
A warm embrace, Perhaps more than one. A touch, A touch to say I am O.K. A look, A look to say, Maybe, Just maybe, I am the son, The son he always wanted.

Father Poem: A Child's Hug
If a child is Heaven sent, then we are not giving but receiving. It is a child's hug that permeates our soul and thus we are graced.

Fathers Day Poem: Every Day Is Fathers Day
Fathers Day Poem: Every day is Fathers Day when you are here to hold. Once you were a baby, now you're nine years old.

Father-Son Poem: The Juniper Tree
Fathering poem about the father-son relationship in a natural outdoor setting, by Michael Mager.

Daddy Poem: The Price of Love
Money's not the price of love, It can't give me your heart, To bring me your affection it is, Worthless from the start.

Father-Daughter Poem: The Single Parent
My little one sleeps, a bump on a log. She always wakes up her head in a fog.

For Justin - Father-Son Poem
This poem is about the day my son was born. I was feeding him in my arms while we rocked in our rocking chair. It reflects the hopes and fears I had as father of this new person I was holding.

Father-Daughter Poem: Raising Child
My raising task seems filled with just two vital things, At first to give her roots and then to give her wings.

Daddy Poem
Daddy-daughter poem by Barry Koplen. Her smile was a big one, when her eyes looked at me, but they wanted to close, they were ready for sleep.

Father-Son Poem: Shaving School
He came equipped with a toy shaving kit. Daddy let's get rid of this fuzz and chat while we're at it.

Guns at School Poem: Columbine and Heritage - 20/20 Shot You Down
As kids, for presents we'd ask for pistols. Columbine and Heritage are only shooting galleries extending from our home.

Baby Poop Diaper poem: Parental Promise
Little baby with poopy pants, You've put a damper on my romance,

Poem for a Sick Child: The Drugged Hoods
It's about being a father during a trying time, when my daughter was put in the hospital. By Michael Graber.

Father Poem: Arriving Home
Holding you close I can feel your warm smile, Someday you'll understand, why I never let go first.

Father Poem: When Willie Wet the Bed
Closely he cuddled up to me, And put his hand in mine, Till all at once I seemed to be, Afloat in seas of brine.

Conception Poem: The Child of the New Millennium
Let us consummate our love in rich warm passion. Apocalyptic fears will soon be a passing fashion. Forget the troubles brought by this global economy.

Papa Poem: Pop Your Poppa
A practical poem for dealing with hitting behavior in young children. Don't you pop your Papa, Poppin' Papa isn't proppa...

Grandfather-Grandchild Poem: Baby Boomer Grandpa
Grandfathering poetry by Salvador G. Valdez. With our babies making babies might as well get in form.

Father-Son Poem: Rage
that spark of me that beats in his heart. hear it pound, too, in mine, my son. it started as a whisper in your mother's ear.

Daddy's Baby Diaper Poem: The First Month
Dress up look big eyes ththwarth poop pee kick scream and cry, Undress re-diaper wet jet change again he's dry, Cry rock pat bundle cradle cuddle pacify, Sing nursery rhyme nope try another lullaby.

New-Father Poem: Our Baby Is A Boy
The picture of fatherhood. The photo made it clear that we would have a son. I could picture him already as a little boy. Fathering poetry, by A.A.Talbert

Daddy-Daughter Poem: Returned
come, my child, spill and create. there had been, before your return, a mopless kitchen, empty without your colors all but lost to memory's fade.

Father-Son Poem: Nightly Ritual
Drifting off to sleep You held my neck so very tightly Nestled on my shoulder I tilted your head just so slightly Never have I known A moment so tender and so sweet

Daddy-Daughter Poem: Father of the Bride
the lump in his throat when she brought the message he knew would come from one who was a child, is his child, is a woman, is another's bride.

Poem: Chairs
She rises imperiously, points majestically, and spits counterfeit at the piece. She swears at it as an inquistioner might who directs the purifying flames of the righteous.

Poem: Who's Your Daddy?
My Daddy digs ditches in the Last Stop Cemetery. He comes home after work and helps me not to be contrary.

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