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Gender Roles and Fatherhood

    The Case for Father Custody
    Human beings differ from cattle and the difference is created by fathers. Daniel Amneus makes the case for fathers getting custody of their children. "It is fatherhood which makes childhood possible."

    The future of the fathers rights movement
    What role is there for the future of the fathers rights movement? The fathers' rights movement demands recognition for father involvement which reaches beyond the lifetime of a romance.

    Sexual Economics and the Distribution of Progeny
    Clyde Verner looks at alternatives to a traditional barter system which offered financial rewards in exchange for sexual services. With marriage no longer necessary, the family gets redefined.

    What I Don't Like
    At-home father Stephen Harris doesn't like being called Mr. Mom.

    The Metrosexual Man vs. the Cowboy
    He always looks perfectly put together. He can be in a t-shirt and jeans or heading out to a black-tie event. His hair never has a bad day.

    A Revolution in American Fathering
    This is about fathers crying, cooking, being afraid, braiding hair, waiting with children at the doctor's office, the principal's office, after school at the soccer field. The bottom line is, more and more men are choosing to be hands-on, hearts-on fathers than ever before.

    Feminism and Patriarchy
    There is a prevailing assumption that the two are in opposition. But it could be that the two can coexist.

    Feminism: Beauty or the Beast?
    Feminism, brute presumption, deadbeat dads, domestic violence, zero tolerance for abuse, NOW. After a round on the talkshow circuit exposing gender inequities, activist and paralegal Pearle Harbor gives us an earful.

    Custody and Divorce 101: Class Dismissed
    Has America created a new class of citizens who are excluded from constitutional provisions regarding due process and debtors prison?

    Sexual Abuse: Men Are Beasts
    Whereas false accusations by women are in fact rare, occurring no more often than do other false reports of crimes, such as bank robbery -- Joint Congressional Resolution 182.

    In the Land of Woe
    Unequal pay - Gender gap grows wider. You name it - women are being victimized by it.

    Snow White Strikes Again
    Are our women really the fairy tale fantasy that we pretend they are? Of all children killed by a parent, 89.7% were killed by their mother.

    Divorce, Child Support and Alimony: Off the Boat When?
    Is 'child-support' just a politically correct euphemism for alimony?

    Page One - Taliban Movement Gains Strength in US
    Clyde Verner remembers the good old days and asks whether we should look to the political right for answers.

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