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Gender Wars

    How NGO Money Corrupts African Legal Systems
    Rescue? Overfunded save-the-women NGOs have descended on African legal systems like a swarm of eager ambulance chasing lawyers after a multi car pileup. The result has been a host of wrongly convicted 'rapists' who have never even met their supposed victims.

    Double-Standard Treatment for Child Abusers
    Pearson documents repeated examples of violent women who draw their Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card by claiming PMS, battered woman's syndrome, or postpartum depression.

    Carey Roberts

    Gender Apartheid
    A series by James W. Loose

    The American Feminists' Abuse Industry
    Women's shelter staffers know full well that a charge of domestic violence, real or otherwise is virtually indefensible in our politically correct courts.

    Died With A Smile
    #Feminism - In domestic violence, will women ever be treated as responsible adult citizens?

    Against Marriage
    Remember that after the divorce, she is going to hate you. How much do you think she's going to want you around, after she has re-daddied your children?

    Sex and Radioactive Cholera
    In the morning I get up, throw a few coffee cups against the wall in reflexive rage before killing the neighbors dog, and then assault a lady on the subway. The male riders cheer me on: patriarchal bonding. Then we stand around and compare genitals until I get off. Hey, it's guy stuff.

    Taliban Behind Attacks?
    Latest news from a variety of sources.

    Feminist Tarantulas
    Would you rather cuddle one, or step on it?

    Her mother said "Your father left you because he doesn't love you." Now she has learned the truth--her loving father was forced out of her life.

    Feminism: Beauty or the Beast?
    Feminism, brute presumption, deadbeat dads, domestic violence, zero tolerance for abuse, NOW. After a round on the talkshow circuit exposing gender inequities, activist and paralegal Pearle Harbor gives us an earful.

    Sexual Abuse: Men Are Beasts
    Whereas false accusations by women are in fact rare, occurring no more often than do other false reports of crimes, such as bank robbery -- Joint Congressional Resolution 182.

    Supervised Parent/Child Contact
    An ideologue exposes her ugly compulsion to deny children's access to their father.

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