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The Joy of Fathering

The most important thing you can do for your children is to enjoy them! They will notice, and it will make them feel confident in themselves in a way that nothing else can.

Men established marriage to control the family and protect our progeny. As the only alternative to genetic suicide, we long for fatherhood and it brings us joy because it fulfills our most basic instincts.

mother-father-son image 2001-2002 Corbis. All rights reserved.
family © 2004 Corbis. All rights reserved.

I knew going into this fatherhood thing that it would be difficult and that I would make mistakes. However, I never knew how right I could be.

Soccer Dad
He's the kid who the coach always puts at left fullback, so he'll be out of the way.

Father Daughter Poems: The Wonder Kid
A wonder kid is always good. A wonder kid does what she should. A wonder kid is never bad. A wonder kid makes daddies glad.

Family Style Vacation
This is supposed to be a family vacation!

Father-Son Poem: The Juniper Tree
Fathering poem about the father-son relationship in a natural outdoor setting, by Michael Mager.

Raising Junior: Practical Uses for Children
You don't care that a cuddly meat puppet will make your life more complete; you want to know how Junior will make your life more productive. Well, listen up, Alphas. This father of three has the answers.

Fathering: Learning Through Experience
Children can learn how to behave in differing social settings by being a part of their parents' social life. The child left out will be left behind socially, too.

Father Poem: A Child's Hug
If a child is Heaven sent, then we are not giving but receiving. It is a child's hug that permeates our soul and thus we are graced.

A Big Job
That was the moment when I knew how important daddies can be to little girls.

Father-Son Poem: Nightly Ritual
Drifting off to sleep You held my neck so very tightly Nestled on my shoulder I tilted your head just so slightly Never have I known A moment so tender and so sweet

The message I got was to slow down, the teacher, a stalwart Southern Magnolia.

Teaching Children the Importance of Winning
Encouraging in our children the drive to win is just as important as teaching them to lose gracefully.

Joy of Fatherhood: A Three Year Old and a Wedding
One of those special joys of fatherhood. My wife and I were excited that our two year old would be a flower girl a day before her third birthday. What a pretty picture!

A Dad's Top 10 Gift Ideas for Small Children
We all love to give birthday and Christmas gifts, so I have made a list of the top ten toys that infants love and should have in their first years of life.

What My Father Taught Me
Full-Time Dads Magazine asked correspondents to share something special that their father taught them.

Becoming a Full Time Dad - Learning How to Do It
John Hadden describes how he became a successful at-home father.

Fatherhood: Loving Kids
I decided to have kids. I think fatherhood appealed to me because I felt I had something to give, spare room in my life, a tender feeling that I wanted to protect and nurture.

Single Father Who Stayed Single
Interview with a single father and his son. One boy says he is lucky to be raised by a single dad rather than a single mom like so many of his friends.

Single Father Talks about Romance and Parenting
An intentional single father talks about why he chose to have a child outside of a relationship.

Baseball - Beginning Father-Son Sports Activities with Young Boys
This story shows us not only how fathers affect the lives of young boys, but how men learn from their sons as well.

Dads Are Important: A True Story of What Fathers Do
Jack Kammer's story shows us how fathers affect the lives of teenage boys.

Fathering Poetry, Father-Daughter Poems, Father-Son Poems
A great collection of poems about the joys and challenges of fatherhood for men with sons and daughters. From expectant fathers and new dads to parenting teens, it's all here.

At the Circle's End - FatherMag Fiction
A killer disease has struck, causing rapid aging and death for all adults. One man finds himself to be the only adult who isn't getting older with the rest, in a world soon to be populated only by children.

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