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Legal Disclaimer


Changing Lives? Desistance Research and Offender Management
The important fact often withheld by prosecutors: Offender Research shows stigmatizing forms of intervention result in higher rates of recidivism.

Elizabeth Jane Via: Zealous Sex Prosecutor Exposed
It is absurd that dad-hating zealot prosecutors such as Elizabeth Jane Via would be tolerated in the legal profession. Yet as of this writing, Attorney Elizabeth Jane Via is still listed as active by the State Bar of California and still gives her address as the DA's Office in San Diego.

Commercialized Justice is Institutionalized Corruption
Americans' trust in their justice system failed once it became a growth industry influenced by MBAs seeking ever higher profits. Exploiting news media hysteria became the norm.

Zealous Prosecutors Promote Sex Abuse Hysteria
Combine draconian sex laws and a commercialized justice system with a zealous prosecutor, and you get child abuse scams like these: prosecutor abuse of children and families.

Child Support
Child support: what are the social costs of subsidized divorce?

Child Support Policy and Robert Williams
Why are child support awards so high? Because the same people who write the child support award guidelines are actually getting a cut of what parents pay!

Eleanor Leacock: Deceptions of a Gender Equal Society
Exposing the fraudulent claims in Eleanor Leacock's contribution to Becoming Visible, a textbook often used in Womens' History classes.

How the False Claims of the Child Abuse Industry Have Harmed America
Those who profit from the Child Abuse Industry must convince both us and their victims that everything is abuse. News media, therapists, prosecutors, judges, lawyers and sex police. Thousands of jobs depend on maximizing claims of abuse.

Massachusetts Child Support
Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines: A Benchmark Analysis.


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