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Female Sex Offenders
Women Who Rape

Misandrist feminists stoked the pedo panic of the 1990s. Should we now give a free pass to women whose love falls under the legal definition of 'rape'?

When FatherMag.com first began collecting these news items in 1996, it was a new and unique topic. From a father's perspective, the zealous battle against child sex began as a tool of aggression that divorcing women used as legal violence against men, especially fathers. We reacted by exposing mothers.

The mainstream news media found there was profit in feeding a voracious public appetite for child sex stories. Soon the public began to see and report sexual offenses everywhere and we saw the launch of the child abuse industry, probably one of the most profitable industries ever for prosecutors, defense lawyers and therapists.

To their surprise, women saw their own tool turn against them as a trickle of news items about mothers and teachers started to appear. Sometimes the charges were made in child custody battles, but more often it was simply the work of zealous prosecutors who saw an opening to widen their scope of opportunities. The aggressive legal violence against men became legal violence against women.

Within a couple of years, the trickle of sexual charges against women became a steady flow and then a flood, with waves of fury sweeping women away in the currents which had in just a few years consumed the lives of millions of men.

Once the mainstream news media took notice of the new wave of sexual charges against women, FatherMag.com quit putting much effort into collecting news items on this topic. In the meantime, this violent storm has taken a new and uniquely destructive turn.

The rage which began by destroying the lives of men and later women, is now beginning to devour children.

What began as a trickle of news stories about juvenile sex offenders is becoming a steady flow. The reader will find some of these stories here as well.

Once the child becomes the prosecutor's target, such efforts at control constitute sexual aggression against children. How long before the zealots who are upset with kids touching each other begin to target kids who touch themselves?

Female Sex Offenders

Sexual abuse has traditionally been seen as a crime perpetrated by men. To eliminate this possibility, all of the instances chosen for these pages are cases where women are clearly acting entirely on their own. In those instances where a male is involved, it is in every case with an unwilling or obviously underage male.

There is no "evil man in the background" urging these women to engage in sexual abuse. In every case accepted for inclusion in this section, all evidence indicates that the women are acting on their own initiative.

There have been many explanations offered for the startling rise in the proportion of sex crimes committed by women. These include:

  • zealous prosecution of sex crimes that went unpunished in earlier times
  • false accusations by spouses who want custody of children
  • a change in the behavior of women
In recent years there has been a redefinition of abuse, as well. As some of the stories in this section illustrate, the child abuse industry is now so powerful that a woman who tries to report a rape faces the risk of being charged with rape herself if her attacker turns out to be under the legal age of consent.



BBC wins removed children ruling
Despite court attempts to silence the victims, people who were as children removed from homes for sex abuse want authorities and therapists punished, bring lawsuits.

Women Who Rape: The siren song of sex with boys
This article in the New York Times cites several studies and suggests that in cases involving adolescents the term "adult adolescent sex" should replace the term "child abuse."

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