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UK: A web of despair for fathers
Fathers4Justice claims 12,000 members, of whom more than one-third are women.

Fathers 4 Justice woman has no regrets
The first woman protester for Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) says she has no regrets about joining the high-profile group, even though it has landed her in court.

Feminist4Fathers, Laura Bush, Judy Sheindlin, PBS, Fathers4Justice and more
First Lady Laura Bush visited the National Center for Fathering in Kansas City to see how they engage and equip dads to be more involved in their children's education.

Losing sleep over SIDS guidelines
AAP sends muddled message to parents. Is it suffocation they fear, or something else?

Dad's money tied to specific milestones
He could declare that your first tattoo, your first 30-day rehab, and the bail for your first offense were on him, if that were the daughter he wanted to raise.

At last, dads are keen to mind the kids
Today's fathers are capable and confident of caring for their children unaided while almost half would be happy to stay at home to look after their sons and daughters on their own.

When Daddy stays home
Doug expects to remain at home for at least another five years. They are expecting their second child, a son, in September.

Now babies too young to walk are readied for toilet training
Many fathers really enjoy infant potty training. They can't breast-feed, but they can work on the other end. Some dads get really good results.

Event shows need for strong fathers
Single mothering is heralded in television sitcoms and in Hollywood movies while fathers are depicted as goofballs.

Down-and-out dads: No room at the shelters?
Single homeless fathers: The number of men with children is increasing.

Fathers now more likely to donate sperm
Men who donate sperm are more likely to be altruistic thirty-something fathers than poverty-stricken students looking to make easy money.

Father of surrogate baby shuns remarriage
Arjun, a 2.8 kilogram bonny little boy is India's first surrogate child born to a single father.

America becomes third-world country
After decades of trying to make every kid as dumb as the dumbest kid, I guess we did it.

UK: Fathers 4 Justice protesters fined
Four men who stormed the Big Brother studios earlier this year as part of a Fathers 4 Justice protest were fined today after admitting public order offences.

Husband's support can help with breastfeeding
Experts generally recommend that infants be fed breast milk exclusively for the first 6 months of life, and that they continue to breastfeed after solid foods are introduced, until they are at least 12 months old.

Nonconformity is like apple pie
America's Founding Fathers were all in recent memory of two centuries of religious warfare throughout Europe and its colonies, waged on all sides by those who claimed that God was on their side, and who were eager to kill anyone who disagreed.

Stay-at-Home Dads
When roles reverse, real life couples often face unique and unexpected challenges.

New dads get postpartum depression, too, study finds
Postpartum depression (PPD) in fathers doubles the risk that the child later will have behavioral problems, especially if the child is a boy.

UK: Give fathers same leave as mothers, says watchdog
Study shows that 77% of new mothers feel their partners are as confident as they are at caring for their children.

Dads never stop learning
As my wife is nursing our newborn daughter, I've been taking care of 19-month-old Grayson. We've had lots of father and son bonding time.

Squeamish men pushing wives towards Caesareans
Fretting fathers-to-be are fuelling Scotland's soaring Caesarean section rate because they do not like to see their pregnant partners in pain, midwives have warned.

Daycare damages children
Yet another study warns of the emotional and developmental price the kids pay.

UK: Fathers' rights protester scales parliament
We've been struggling with various government bodies for nine months, trying to negotiate things, but as they are not taking it seriously again, we felt we had to return to this.

Boy or girl? Home kit determines gender at five weeks
New take-home DNA kit allows expectant parents to find out their baby's gender as early as five weeks into their pregnancy.

Baby business: Wannabe moms, dads court college coeds
Bright and attractive egg donors are well paid. It's unfortunate, but no one wants a fat, ugly, stupid donor.

Stammering best treated early
It is best to treat stammering as early as possible, ideally before a child starts school, researchers say.

Bringing fathers and sons together
One program sees fathers and sons head into the bush for a six-day adventure. This approach is based on the concept of a rite-of-passage or initiation.

Angry judge dismisses rape case
An innocent witness who offered to help police found himself charged with rape.

Gay fathers face new legal battle
The millionaire couple have returned with the twins and a third son, two-year-old Orlando.

Divorced dads band together
Most divorced fathers want to be part of their kids' lives.

Open adoption extends your family
Still open and hoping for closure.

Paternity case marks progress for defrauded fathers
A cheating wife was let off the hook, but the court affirmed the duped dad's legal right to sue the natural father for the cost of raising the child.

home DNA test kit

Breast cancer gene increases risk of several cancers in men
A genetic mutation implicated in an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancers also significantly increases the risk of pancreatic and prostate cancers in men.

Virginia declares war on deadbroke dads
America's current debtor's prison laws mean that less than one in 20 noncustodial parents who suffer substantial income drops are able to get courts to reduce their child support payments.

Child Custody
Where men hit a Glass Ceiling.

Moms and dads: You're still the boss
Kids need strong, confident parents to set the rules.

Discipline has positively disintegrated parenting
Since the mid-1960s, when the parenting tide in America began to turn away from traditionalism toward psychological correctness, every indicator of positive mental health in children has declined, and significantly so.

Film: About fathers and children
For many boys their relationship with their father becomes the driving force in their lives.

Raising boys without men
Lesbian advocate claims boys are better off without a father.

Devoted dad charged with rape
80% of respondents opposed to prosecution.

Men's Vogue
First a new Teen Vogue and now Men's Vogue. What do men want?

Dads wanted on first day of class
Million Fathers March nationwide campaign.

Law firm for dads
Lawyers advocate for dads in divorce cases.

Video games linked to aggression in boys
An analysis of 20 years of research shows the effects can be both immediate and long-lasting.

Dads outspending moms
Online shopping is especially popular with fathers.

Back to school
Dads buying more for the kids than moms do.

Keeping children in back seat cuts road deaths, study says
States beginning to pass laws requiring children to ride in back seat.

Make room for real dads
Now 2.3 million single fathers living with their children.

Fathers play greater role in childcare
A lot of parenting used to be done by grandparents but now fathers do more than grandparents. Dads are no longer just babysitters.

Where Was Dad?

Boy's mother missed signs of choking game.

Strong Fathers: Strong Families
Building stronger kids by strengthening fathers.

How Fathers Can Win Child Custody
A fairer system would be to eliminate child support and have the custodial parent have full responsibility for providing for the children when they are with that parent.

Study Questions Early Care for Ear Infections
Children younger than 3 who had tubes inserted did no better.

The Trauma Of Disengagement
Fathers4Justice: Divorced Dads, Child Custody in Israel.

Tips for Vegetarian Teens
What to do when your teenager goes vegetarian.

Once Upon a Time with 2 Fathers, 2 Sons
Two celebrity dads' relationships with their sons.

Our Fathers' War
A man who goes into combat never comes back the same man that he was before.

VAWA: Violence Against Families
Domestic-violence legislation is pitched as an appeal to male chivalry, and Republicans are quick to volunteer.

Phyllis Schlafly on VAWA
Republicans continue to put a billion dollars a year of taxpayers' money into the hands of radical feminists who use it to preach their anti-marriage and anti-male ideology, promote divorce, corrupt the family court system, and engage in liberal political advocacy.

Thousands of Families Living a Lie
Men are often duped by a cheating wife. home DNA test kit

Families Need Fathers:
When is a dad not a dad? It is clearly in children's best interest to maintain contact with those adults of significance in their lives.

Where Have the Good TV Dads Gone?
Characterized as laughingstocks and lamebrains, fathers are eight times more likely to be portrayed negatively than mothers.

Pride of the Father
A once-absent dad and a 'Lion King' actor use both shared and wildly different experiences to fight for sons everywhere.

Fathers' Day Takes on a New Meaning
No firm figures exist on the proportion of fathers who are primary carers for babies in Australia. But a substantial number make at least some adjustment to their work schedule to care for children.

Baseball Bonds Dads, Sons
A father's love for his son can drive him to do strange things. So, too, his love of baseball.

Daddy Day Care
Backwards and condescending, NBC's offensively named "Mister Mom" show puts unprepared fathers to the test.

Fathers Urged to Talk More about Drugs to Their Kids
Numerous studies show that drug use is lower among teens who report learning about the dangers of drugs at home.

Sports: Sons Surpass the Dreams of Their Fathers
Top hockey draft picks inherited skills, but hope to take them to greater heights.

30 Children Stranded by Immigration Raid
Federal agents arrest immigrants, and leave the children abandoned.

Another two Czech fathers file complaint in Strasbourg
Another two Czech fathers filed complaints against the Czech Republic with the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, as Czech authorities do not enable them to meet their children regularly, they told reporters yesterday.

Footsteps of Their Fathers
Sports star George Brett tries to make sure his three sons Jackson, Dylan and Robin aren’t lost in his shadow.

Daddy's Girl
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to play trash-talking athlete who takes care of 5-year-old girl in new Disney film.

Who's Your Daddy?
Fox now planning to air the remaining five episodes after all.

Fathers Play Critical Role In Their Sons' Lives
National Center for Children in Poverty, boys without fathers are twice as likely to drop out of school, twice as likely to go to jail, and nearly four times as likely to need treatment for emotional and behavioral problems as boys with fathers.

Fathers Group Wants Transcripts Taken In Family Law Cases
A call for an official record to be kept in all family law cases.

Swallowing a Lie
Whether it's food or sex, many people are easily turned by false memories.

A Brave New World for 'Inconceivable' Fathers
Adjusting to the reality that the gay couple is no longer an infertile couple.

Teenage Fathers Raising Babies
Babies can bring out the best in young dads.

Fathers Know Best
Stay at home dads come together.

At Home Dad
Greg Senseman's full-time job is staying at home to raise his family.

Learn the Five Rules of Being a Single Father
"Domesticating Daddy" has made a great a leap in the years since the divorce rate has become a form of "marital abortion."

Daddy Cool
When boys are younger, they are closer to their mother. But when boys become men, their father tends to become their best friend.

Featured Dad: Johnny Depp finds delight in odd roles, family
These days, former Hollywood bad boy Johnny Depp can be found at his home in France with Vanessa Paradis and their two children, 6-year-old Lily Rose and 3-year-old Jack.

The Seat-Belt Solution
Expensive, child car seats may be of no benefit for children over two years old.

Featured Dad: Brad to play dad
Brad Pitt is reportedly set to play dad... "This makes us a whole family."

Las Madres isn't just for moms
When Cupertino resident Gil Maroko was laid off from his high-tech job, he turned to the bottle--the baby bottle, that is.

Dad's Empty Chair
Things won't improve until more black dads overcome the system that encourages them to leave.

War of the Worlds
This time Spielberg has let dads down.

Sitcom Stereotypes
Dads are portrayed negatively in sitcoms eight times more than mums.

Father's Blues Can Blight Babies
This new Lancet study found baby boys whose fathers were depressed had twice as many behavioural and emotional problems in the pre-school years.

Michael Jackson: Juries and Lynch Mobs
What if Jackson had been on trial in Massachusetts?

Help Stop Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)
A site to increase awareness of the devastating effects of PAS, and to offer resources for those dealing with this traumatic syndrome.

Fathers 4 Justice
The worldwide campaign for truth, justice and equality in family law.

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