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Dads tackle the challenge of designing baby products
More dads are getting involved in the daily care of their infants and children, and are increasingly influencing the products their families buy and use.

Stay-home fathers figure out their new full-time job
Seattle P-I: They were carpenters, legislative aides, software engineers, real estate investors and teachers. Now, they are stay-at-home dads, part of the growing posse of men who left paying work to raise their kids.

Sex assaults by children set off experts' alarms
At least one grade school recently ruled that pupils could no longer go to restrooms unattended after some children were discovered in bathrooms acting out sexually. An Ohio-based safety consultant for schools nationwide said (of another recent incident): "I'm not shocked at all. It's occurring more and more in schools, and the children get younger and younger."

Women are attracted to men who like children
As many of us guys knew already, women often fall for the man who wants kids.

Why Sex is Better than Gender
A critical change in the Left over the last few decades has been the shift from the economic to the social and increasingly the sexual. What was once a semi-socialistic attack on property and enterprise has become a social and sexual attack on the family, marriage and masculinity.

Which party will win the parents' vote?
Human Events: Republican politicians fear being labeled as defenders of deadbeat dads, wife-beaters, and pedophiles -- the standard smears feminists throw at divorced fathers, both in court and in the political arena. This has silenced opposition and given feminists a free ride.

U.S. abortion policy violates men's rights
Northern Iowan: It is time to recognize that any woman who claims a sole "right to choose" is solely responsible for her choice.

No limit on proving paternity
The Ohio Supreme Court upheld a state law that gives men unlimited time to use DNA proof that they are not biological fathers, which means they could stop paying child support, and may leave the kids in shock. Is this in the best interest of the child? This article by a woman writing for The Plain Dealer tries to squirm out of the mess by shifting blame for the kids' emotional suffering to any honest man who dares reveal the truth about his cheating wife. Instead of the squirming, there should be a clear message that responsibility belongs with women who think it's okay to lie to their children about who their father is. In today's world the truth will always eventually come out, leaving kids with deep feelings of anger and betrayal.

Forming a dads' group
Armin Brott's Ask Mr. Dad:I want to start a new dads' group in our neighborhood. I want it to be a place where dads can talk about their kids, trade ideas and stories, and get some support. But my wife is saying that I should make it a new parents' group instead so that I won't exclude the moms. Who's right?

Changin' in the Boys' Room
NY Times: Has Hooter's gotten that baby changing table installed in the men's room yet? Home Depot has had them for ages, according to Chuck Ault, who lives in Denver and is the national training director of Boot Camp for New Dads: I was in Home Depot with my youngest, who's now 9, and she had a blow-out, and I thought, 'I'm in this store for power-tool-loving males, what am I going to do?' So I went back to the men's room, and they had a changing table. In this big manly store.

Repeal the Bradley Amendment
Townhall.com: Phyllis Schlafly attacks the federal Bradley Amendment, which mandates that a child-support debt cannot be retroactively reduced or forgiven even if the debtor is unemployed, hospitalized, in prison, sent to war, dead, proved to not be the father, never allowed to see his children, or loses his job or suffers a pay cut.

Michigan man lingers in prison on questionable rape conviction
Townhall.com: Phyllis Schlafly examines America's broken justice system in the case of a man serving 30 years for spousal rape.

Fallacy of feminism, deadbeat dads
How did the Republicans become so infatuated with feminist inspired social policy? David Usher knows exactly how it worked behind the scenes, and he lays it out step by step in this article at NewsWithViews.

Fathers back in abortion debate
Washington Times: Now we can to begin to acknowledge the obvious--men are grievously wounded when removed from the life-and-death decisions affecting their own flesh and blood.

British women want tougher abortion laws
A clear majority of British women want abortion laws changed to make it more difficult to end a pregnancy. Former Liberal leader David Steel, the architect of the 1967 Abortion Act which made abortions legal for the first time in Britain, also said he wants the upper limit reduced to 22 weeks.

Maligning fathers
Cathy Young for the Boston Globe reports on the absurdity of the PBS review statement. It is clear that PBS has no intention of being objective. Apparently radical feminists can now claim an exclusive right to be known as the voice of public broadcasting.

Germany agonises over 30% childless women
Guardian: Stern magazine said yesterday that not only women but also "deeply uncertain" men were to blame. "They are unsure about the role of fatherhood."

Korea's Kirogi Fathers Unwelcome at Work
The Korea Times: Lonely fathers separated from their families make life difficult for coworkers.

Do you really want to be a dad? Getting men over the fear of fatherhood
Kelby says he absolutely didn't want to have kids. But when he had his own son, everything changed.

UK kills Fathers4Justice with phony 'plot' accusation
LA Times: There was no plot, just desperate dads who have lost their kids sitting around a coffee table. One notes that Tony Blair would suddenly understand how they feel, if someone took his 5-year-old son Leo.

Fathers4Equality in Australia
Fathers4Equality in Australia consists of a large number of fathers, mothers, step-parents and grand-parents, who all share the core belief that sole-residence as a preferred model for post-separated families is harmful to children, and deprives decent non-custodial parents (usually fathers) of being a parent in the true sense of the word.

Holy smoke! The Fathers 4 Justice film
After two years of fighting between film companies, Disney-owned Miramax has bought the rights to turn the campaign group's story into a blockbuster.

Technology making a splash for the benefit of children
Fathers4Equality have managed to get the written support of over one third of parliament (and the interest of a further one third), for the introduction of a presumption of equal parenting time in the event of separation.

Dads will do what dads have to do
Ocala Star-Banner: Have you done this one yet? When faced with odd circumstances, a dad will do what a dad must do.

Lost boys
Toronto Star: Growing up without a father can set youth up for a violent life and an early death. A member of the black community writes about remedies.

New child support rules mirror reality
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution considers child support reform in the State of Georgia.

BBC wins removed children ruling
Despite court attempts to silence the victims, people who were as children removed from homes for sex abuse charges want authorities and therapists punished, bring lawsuits.

Older fathers are now big news in the UK
Telegraph: There will be all sorts of advantages to counter balance the problems of age. In the book Fathers of a Certain Age, Martin Carnoy, professor of education at Stanford University in America, and his co-author, son David, argue that men in their late 40s, 50s and even 60s, who are secure in their careers and ready to make time for families, tended to be more nurturing than their younger counterparts.

Look dads, no moms, so go ahead and speak up
Cincinnatti Enqurer: Author and psychologist Michael Thompson, who specializes in work with children and families, says he's found a sure-fire way to get a group of fathers to talk about parenting: Don't allow any mothers in the audience.

Mental health link to diet change
BBC: The Mental Health Foundation says the way food is now produced has altered the balance of key nutrients people consume, perhaps leading to depression and memory problems.

Study casts doubt on value of prostate tests
Reuters: Yet another study that fails to find any benefit from PSA screening.

Male fertility kit goes on sale
BBC: With the help of a simple home test, men can check whether they may have difficulty conceiving a child.

Schwarzenegger, son hurt in motorcycle wreck
CNN: The governor and his 12-year-old son Patrick were hurt when their motorcycle collided with a car.

Unmarried, same-sex couples in Britain gain adoption rights
Xinhuanet reports on the Adoption and Children Act, which gives unmarried and same-sex couples the right to adopt children.

Ireland: Dads denied access to kids are hurting
The Waterford News tells of one father's fight to see his daughter: I was getting nowhere but I persisted. I was being denied any say in my daughter's life. My experiences in court have been horrible, I was treated like a criminal, not a parent.

Adoptions from afar
NY Times: Get a doctor's advice when adopting a foreign child. Any child does best in a situation where the family's expectations and the child's abilities are in sync. A child with low potential in an environment with high expectations is a recipe for disaster.

A Criminal Administration
Paul Roberts, Assistant Treasury Secretary during the Reagan administration, examines how today's Republican conservatives have lost control of the Bush administration.

California domestic violence lawsuit will help secure services for all abuse victims
Glenn Sacks looks at how children suffer when domestic violence is ignored by authorities, as it nearly always is when the perpetrator is a woman.

Australia: Fathers' group appeals for access over festive season
A group representing fathers who have had their children illegally taken away tells ABC News that the number of mothers ignoring court orders and stealing children is increasing.

Daddy on board: New Year's resolutions for dads
Christopher Smith at The Leaf Chronicle gives us his annual Daddy On Board New Year's Resolutions For Dads column, which means we're dealing with top secret guy stuff.

Interview with President of Nat. Child Support Enforcement Asc.
Don't think Child Support Enforcement is big business? Think again - Check out this Krights Radio interview with Mr. Vernon Drew: President of the National Child Support Enforcement Asc.

Separated fathers hold Christmas protest march in Dublin
Dozens of men dressed in Santa Claus outfits are marching today to protest about how Irish family law treats separated fathers.

Daddy on board: New Year's resolutions for dads
Christopher Smith at The Leaf Chronicle gives us his annual Daddy On Board New Year's Resolutions For Dads column, which means we're dealing with top secret guy stuff.

Fathers and sons
This editorial in the Times of Malta warns of the price paid when we put career so far ahead of family that we miss our kids' brief childhood.

100 Things Guys Need To Know
Newest children's book could teach dads as well as teenage boys, about puberty, manners, family values and friendship.

UK: Fathers urged to fight for a better work-life balance
The Times reports that the head of the UK national sex-equality body has issued a rallying call to British men to "come out" as fathers and claim their right to balance work and family life in the same way that women do.

Stay-at-home fathers bond with kids, and one another
DelawareOnline: The Delaware At Home Dad Association was founded in 1999 by a handful of local fathers. In addition to weekly play groups, the Delaware fathers gather for field trips, parties and men's nights out.

Does cosleeping lead to SIDS? What the AAP doesn't tell you
Most nations with SIDS rates much lower than the United States regularly practice cosleeping. But in the US, manufacturing industry groups like the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association determine what advice parents will get.

Thimerosal: Autism nonexistent among unvaccinated children
It's time to take a hard look at the evidence and make vaccines safe. This Counterpunch article found two populations of unvaccinated children that appear to be free of autism.

Canada: Number of single fathers doubles in last 20 years
The Globe and Mail says that in 2001, there were 550,000 single women and 119,000 single men raising a child alone, according to official statistics. The income data show that men are far better able to handle the financial challenges of single parenthood than single mothers are.

Smoking men put sons at risk later
Men who started smoking early in life had sons who were larger, with a high incidence of obesity and childhood cancer. Smoking causes mutations to DNA that are passed on to progeny.

Prominent fathers' rights attorney takes custody case
Jeffery Leving, who represented the father of Elian Gonzalez, is taking the case of a Grand Ledge soldier who says he lost joint custody of his ten-year-old son because of his Iraq service.

Death by protective order
Why was there a protective order barring Lewis Barber from seeing his son? Protective orders shift blame from spouses who may have initiated the break-up by having an affair or simply becoming bored with the marriage.

PBS Documentary "Breaking the Silence": Evidently a Conspiracy
The authors of this discredited production have a second false documentary in the works. David Usher at Mens News Daily has all the details.

Are dads more fun than moms?
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution asks, and takes readers' comments. Here's a chance to tell them what you think.

Shouldn't fathers have the right to choose, too?
In this Los Angeles Times piece Meghan Daum, a woman and a feminist, argues that men should have some right to choose. She points out that, "although women are able to take control of their futures by choosing from at least a small range of options -- abortion, adoption or keeping the child -- a man can be forced to be a father to a child he never wanted and cannot financially support."

Courts get tough on women who have sex with boys?
Courts across America are cracking down on women, especially teachers, who have sex with under-age boys. In the past month at least seven women, four of them teachers, have been charged or sentenced.

Fathers are role models at schools
Getting men involved in the schools again is no small task, but an essential one. This story reports about one program that seems to be working.

It's not just for moms anymore
Fathers who are highly involved with schools -- those who volunteer, attend school meetings and events, and participate in parent-teacher conferences -- were 42 percent more likely to have children who earn mostly A's than fathers who are uninvolved.

Pacifier curbs deaths in cribs
My kids always hated pacifiers. There was just no way I could get them to use one, ever. But if your infant will use one, it may help prevent crib death.

Raising our boys better
The first in a series, this piece begins by looking at the problems boys face. But as the series develops, will it ask some of the right questions? Like why did the men leave teaching careers? Why would any boy long to become one of the bungling dads he sees modelled in the media? Why can't today's boys have any area of life that's special, just for boys?

Spotlight shines on single fathers in new film
"Custody" chronicles America's fastest growing household -- single custodial fathers.

Demonizing moms, devaluing dads
I wouldn't worry so much that children might infer a premarital sexual liaison between teacher and boyfriend. Far more offensive and morally dangerous is the cultural patricide taking place in America today. "Killing dad" may not be a crime, but it is surely a sin.

Brad Pitt to adopt Angelina Jolie's children
The rumours began when they starred together in the film Mr and Mrs Smith and have since been pictured together with the children. "We are confirming that Brad Pitt is in the process of becoming the adoptive father of both children," said Pitt's publicist Cindy Guagenti.

Rod Stewart, at 60, fathers seventh child
In a statement, Stewart, 60, said: "Both Penny and our baby son are gorgeous, healthy and doing well. We are celebrating every moment with our beautiful boy; we just can't take our eyes off of him."

Male circumcision may increase HIV risk for women
There have been some recent attempts to control HIV by imposing mass circumcision on populations in Africa. But that is an experiment that has already been done, with mass circumcision preceding the AIDS epidemic in the United States. As a result, the United States has the highest AIDS rate and circumcision rate in developed countries. What is it that so attracts some men to cutting another man?

UK: Child Support fraud rampant
Over 3,000 men have been found to have been falsely accused by women of being the father out of 15,909 who have taken a DNA test. The CSA has not recovered money from any of the mothers.

Airlines' no men near children policy slammed
A campaigner for the importance of men in society and a psychologist with 15 years' experience working with sex offenders have both slammed an Air New Zealand and Qantas policy of moving men sitting next to unaccompanied children.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting slams PBS's Breaking the Silence
CPB says: The legal mandate of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is to ensure strict adherence to objectivity in all programs or series of programs of a controversial nature [but] there is no hint of balance in Breaking the Silence.

Child abuse in the UK: Fifty babies a year are alive after abortion
Most of Europe only allows unrestricted abortion up to age 10 or 12 weeks, but in the UK it's 24 weeks, an age at which many babies can survive. No statistics are kept on how many babies who survive attempted abortions go on to live into adulthood, nor to what degree they've been maimed.

What did you expect?
When couples split up there is greed, cruelty, anger, jealousy and--very often--a complete inability to see the partner's point of view.

PBS film controversy continues
The producers of Breaking the Silence made an egregious error in casting a physically abusive mother as a wronged heroine.

Holiday Toy Report
Results from this year's annual Toy Safety Survey come as the Christmas shopping season begins. Check the list before you spend your money.

Neglected children may develop abnormal behaviour
Neglect early in life can have lasting effects, interfering with the development of crucial hormone-regulation systems in the brain.

Are Men Necessary?
Confusion and hostility has made the American woman into an internationally acclaimed shrew. Talk to men from Washington to Hong Kong and you see the same shudder.

Five years imprisonment without trial
The message is clear. Try to see your son, fight the system, and you risk getting locked away with no trial. Mr. Christopher fought very publicly, and was silenced.

Why Fight Over Intelligent Design?
We're fighting because the institution of public schooling forces us to, by permitting only one government-sanctioned explanation of human origins.

Court test for duped fathers in 'DNA age'
An Australian father who was tricked into paying tens of thousands of dollars to his unfaithful ex-wife for two children that were not his has won the right to take his six-year battle for compensation to the High Court.

Fathers' role in rearing called key
Americans overwhelmingly say fathers are just as important as mothers for the proper development of children. Marital success for couples was increased if their parents had not divorced during childhood years.

Alito suggests that fathers do matter
How is it that a mother can hire a hit man, in the form of an abortionist, to kill their baby, and do so legally, and the father has absolutely no right to even know about it?

Parenting affects gene expression
While external factors like environment and experience don't alter our basic human genetic code, they do produce permanent changes to the way genes behave.

Two men and their baby
Women react with alarm at the prospect of men producing their own babies.

School reaches out to fathers to spur involvement
As a youngster, there was no one to help Jonatas Azevedo do his homework when he returned from school each day. But as the father of three kids, ages 8, 6 and 1, Azevedo, a machinist, wants to have a different role as a parent to his children when it comes to what they are learning.

Sex Ed for the stroller set
Early sex education is a small and hard-to-measure movement, but it's a growing one. Many chapters of Planned Parenthood offer workshops on the topic and so do some evangelical Christian churches.

Dads making strides in child custody battles
Family law experts say they are seeing a change from the presumption that a children are always better off with their mothers in cases of divorce.

Do-over Dads
Men are becoming fathers again at 50, 60, and 70. They're pushing strollers, changing diapers, and helping with homework. How a second chance at fatherhood is changing men and families.

UK: Crackdown on absent dads 'unfair without CSA reform'
Most fathers want to be involved with their children. You can't separate financial support from contact and access.

Green Bay Packers host event for dads, kids
Dads and kids will have a chance to share another special experience with the Packers as the team hosts 'All Pro Dad Fathers and Kids Experience,' a program that celebrates the family and being a good father.

Faithful fathers...it's down to testosterone
Nature, it seems, has its own way of keeping married men - and fathers - faithful. Single men have almost twice as much testosterone as fathers of a similar age.

New revelations document shoddy, politicized PBS reporting, says Fathers and Families
Now, court documents reveal that Sadia Loeliger, a central heroine in the film, was instead a serial child abuser who hit, burned and terrorized her children. Moreover, the American Psychological Association has issued a statement that the film has misstated its position.

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