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How to Fight Sex Abuse Allegations and Win

           Men's HOTLINE : 512-472-3237 : men@menhotline.org
                 ------- A crisis line for men -------
             807 Brazos, Suite 315 : Austin, Texas  78701
        A service of the Men's Health Network : Washington, D.C.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 21:59:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: Men's Health Network (mensnet@CapAccess.org)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 16:25:08 -0500
From: EZTherapy@aol.com

False Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse: What You Should Know
A Free Report By Edward Nichols, MSW, CSW-R

To Receive Free Report:
Email: eztherapy@aol.com and request "Free Report"
Report will be sent by return email as an attached file.
Summary of Free Report:
False allegations of child sexual abuse have been called a nuclear weapon in the arsenal of those who would "win" a court battle at "any" cost. While it is true that children are indeed sexually abused, it is equally true that civil and criminal courts are increasingly hearing cases involving false allegations used as a strategic weapon in a tactical "war". Moreover, repeatedly, the research and statistics demonstrate that biological fathers are least likely to perpetrate the sexual abuse of their children.

Nonetheless, the mere allegation of child sexual abuse triggers a cadre of partially educated "caseworkers" who launch an "investigation" calling upon self-styled "experts" to "validate" their often questionable agenda.

In cases of false allegations of child sexual abuse the stakes are high: ranging from estrangement from one's children to jail sentences comparable to those convicted of murder. Thus, this free report presents several components of defending against the false allegation of child sexual abuse that anyone in such a position should know. Moreover, it will be particularly helpful to the attorney representing the falsely accused, or for the falsely accused attempting to retain an effective attorney. While this report is not legal advice, the author, as a recognized expert in the area, is presenting material which, in his experience, is associated with the efficient defense against the false allegation of child sexual abuse -- whether in the earliest stages, or in a domestic or criminal court action.

About The Author: Edward Nichols is a licensed professional social worker and psychotherapist who is based in New York City. After nearly 15 years of private practice, consultation, and retention as an expert witness nationally, his comprehensive reference volume, False Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse: The Attorney's Desk Reference, was published [N.C.P.I., Inc: Conway, S.C.-out of print]. This book, reviewed by BNA's Family Law Reporter became an instant success and the author was retained as a consultant in a variety of cases nationally. Today, the author maintains a private practice of consulting in cases of false allegations and is also available for evaluations and expert testimony nationally. His revised book, False Allegations Of Child Sexual Abuse: A Complete Reference For Attorneys And Clients, is now exclusively available on 3.5 PC diskettes [see order form at the end of Free Report].

Overview of Free Report: The effective response to false allegations of child sexual abuse may be divided in seven general areas of concern: [1] An understanding of the general principles of defense; [2] The effective case management of all aspects of the allegations and pending legal actions; [3] The ability to accurately assess the accused; [4] A comprehensive understanding of the indicators of child sexual abuse in actual cases of abuse; [5] A detailed understanding of how to refute experts and their opinions, reports and testimony; [6] The knowledge of how to find experts who will be able to assist at every stage of the defense; and, [7] The knowledge of how to use the research to expose each and every false aspect of the allegations. This report elaborates on each of these areas.

The author sincerely hopes that those who are falsely accused and attorneys who practice in this area take advantage of this Free Report and pass on the news!

Edward Nichols, MSW, CSW-R eztherapy@aol.com

--Courtesy "Men's HOTLINE" (men@menhotline.org)

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FatherMag.com. All rights reserved.

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