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Legal Disclaimer

From Courtship to Courtroom:
What Divorce Law Is Doing to Marriage

reviewed by Stephen Baskerville

Jed H. Abraham, From Courtship to Courtroom: What Divorce Law Is Doing to Marriage, New York: Bloch Publishing, 1999. ISBN 0-8197-0692-2. Paperback, $14.95.

The stream of books exposing the governments war on fathers continues to pour forth: 1999 saw books by Ross Parke and Armin Brott, Warren Farrell, Daniel Amneus, and Cathy Young, and before that Robert Seidenberg, Sanford Braver, and Jeffery Leving. Jed Abraham is not the first to call attention to the crimes committed in divorce court, but he may be the most succinct. Unlike its predecessors, this book contains no anecdotes or horror stories, no political analysis, and in fact no documentation (though Abraham does back up his assertions in frequent contributions to professional journals). Neither is it a legal manual, as it contains little advice on how to proceed in court. This is important, for it leaves no illusion that there is anything you can do to avert destruction. It is a concise, straightforward description of the reign of terror that is now routine in divorce court, told with the authority of a lawyer who has seen it all first hand.

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From Courtship to Courtroom: What Divorce Law Is Doing to Marriage
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Copyright © 2000 Stephen Baskerville. All rights reserved.
Stephen Baskerville teaches political science at Howard University.

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