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New Fathers and Expectant Fathers

Fatherhood - new father and baby photo
new father © Anyka - Fotolia.com. All rights reserved.

New Baby Care
Family health related issues with a focus on new fathers and their infants. Find information on child safety, circumcision, intersex, and nightlight-myopia issues.

The Labor Movement: A Fathers Guide
Every male can usually recall a point in time during his life that he officially became a man. For me, it was the first time the pregnancy test stick showed two lines.

Suggestions for the New First-Time Single Father
Practical childcare tips for the man who has to go it alone.

Whats in a Name?
Whats in a name? More than you think!

The Name Game
The fact that gestation is nine months long has nothing to do with a biological timetable but, rather, this is the average time frame it will take prospective parents to agree on a name.

New-Father Poem: Our Baby Is A Boy
The picture of fatherhood. The photo made it clear that we would have a son. I could picture him already as a little boy. Fathering poetry, by A.A.Talbert

I refuse to give up the right to raise my child in the best way I know how.

Daddy's Baby Diaper Poem: The First Month
Dress up look big eyes ththwarth poop pee kick scream and cry, Undress re-diaper wet jet change again he's dry, Cry rock pat bundle cradle cuddle pacify, Sing nursery rhyme nope try another lullaby.

Dooty, Honor, Country: A Fathers Guide to Changing Diapers
As a part of my Fathers Guide series, I present to you the job that has caused me more trauma on a personal level than any other of my fatherly duties.


They Won't Be in Diapers Forever!
How small children learn to maintain bladder and bowel control.

Not a Father, a Daddy! From teenage father to single dad, part two
More from Glenn about how he went from teenage father to single dad.

New Father In Search of Limb-Cracking Action
Soon after my wife got pregnant last year I was advised, Get all the movies out of your system now, before the baby comes, because that's the thing you are going to miss the most.

Fatherhood: Loving Kids
I decided to have kids. I think fatherhood appealed to me because I felt I had something to give, spare room in my life, a tender feeling that I wanted to protect and nurture.

Older Dads: First Time Fathers Over 40
In separate interviews with several first-time fathers over 40, three factors emerged which seemed important to their readiness for becoming older dads: occupational and financial security, a clear understanding and adaptation to today's diverse fatherhood roles, and a strong drive for a sense of closure to their childless period of life.

Second Wives, Second Families
A man's new wife and family often suffer because the first wife takes so much of the man's earnings. These articles are written by women who advocate a greater respect for Fathers' Rights.

Raising Junior: Practical Uses for Children
You don't care that a cuddly meat puppet will make your life more complete; you want to know how Junior will make your life more productive. Well, listen up, Alphas. This father of three has the answers.


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