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Advertising Sales Manager
Job description: Your task will be to follow up on leads and sell space to advertisers. Our advertisers must have realistic expectations and your job will be to build their confidence and trust. puts a high priority on delivering value to advertisers who seek a tangible Return on Investment.

Requirements: You must believe in the importance of fathers, and put integrity ahead of short-term profit. While the ability to close a deal is a must, you will need to be able to take a long-term view.

Renumeration: Invoice us on a straight commission basis. Sell prepaid ad campaigns, no collections.

Regional Editors
Editors wanted for China, India, other regions.

Editors USA
Job description: Be sure all published text conforms to The Chicago Manual of Style.

Requirements: Enough computer savvy to upload files. You must have a personal belief in the importance of fathers.

To apply for a position, email us following the instructions on our contact page to email the editor.
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