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Part Two

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FatherMag: Not everything was perfect in classical Greece. They had slavery and subjugation of women. HODGES: Modern scholars have taken a very critical stance on Greece, and they try to judge the ancient Greeks according to the narrow confines of modern American political correctness. These scholars have an agenda. They are for the most part members of the Judeo-Christian establishment who are still attempting to denigrate classical, pagan civilization, 2,000 years after they destroyed it. They realize, however, that no matter how hard they kick it, the horse is not yet dead. Most critical writing about the Greeks is done by Christians or Jews. The history they present is very different from the story that is unfolded when one reads Greek authors for oneself. Yes, there was slavery in the ancient world, but have we forgotten that most slave dealers were from that group of merchants whose common basis was a belief in the Bible? Slavery may be a bad system, but it was brought to the Greeks by a people whose moral system was built on Biblical faith. Greek authors are free of racism. As for women, the lie that Greek women were mistreated is becoming more and more popular, but is still a lie. Reading the Greek and Roman authors gives a very different view. Women were held in high regard. Compare this with the laws of Moses concerning women.

FatherMag. So an egalitarian treatment of both genders would be more consistent with Western tradition. Was there a difference in the way the ancients raised boys and girls? HODGES: In earliest times, there was no difference in the way the Greeks raised boys and girls. Both were provided with educational opportunities. In Sparta the State provided food and lodging as well as education to both boys and girls for free. It was only in later times, after the orientalizing period of extensive contact with Near Eastern merchants, that girls in fourth century Athens at least were educated at home while boys were publicly educated. Because of the external pressures put on Greek society, boys were educated as warriors in the defense of their society against Middle-Eastern marauders. Girls were taken into the home and kept there for their own protection. The threats to society may have been exaggerated, and even after the Persian invasion, the sheltering of girls existed past the point of utility. In effect the Greeks partially became that which they fought so hard to protect others from imposing on them. The later imposition of Christianity merely hastened a process that had already begun. One might say that the Jews kicked and chained down the Greek horse that the Persians had already knocked down.
FatherMag: How can we relearn these ways in the easiest manner possible? HODGES: It is not a matter of relearning, but remembering. Fathers must allow inspiration to come from natural impulses, the flow of which we must allow to be wholly unimpeded by Middle-Eastern fear and repression. In America, fathers are afraid to show affection to their children because the sexual repression of Judeo-Christianity has warped them. It causes them to misinterpret their natural inclination of physical affection for children as sexual advances. Humans are sexual beings, but in a narrow sense, sex is for the purpose of self-gratification, whereas physical affection is the giving of one's warmth, love, and companionship to another. Children know the difference until they too are brainwashed by Judeo-Christian culture. Sexually repressed adults have forgotten the difference, and so they avoid showing affection towards their children out of a misguided fear. Adults must reason themselves out of sexual repression.
FatherMag: How will children benefit by this approach? HODGES: Freedom from Judeo-Christian sexual repression and legal oppression will allow children to grow up in an open and nurturing environment. It will allow parents to view their children as magnificent fellow beings rather than competitors or prey, or even instruments for the carrying out of their superstitious impulses. Children will benefit when their parents regard their custodianship of children as a privilege rather than an opportunity.

FatherMag: In the US, do you see religious fanaticism as the basis of the attempted censorship of the Internet? HODGES: Religious fanaticism does play a part in the drive towards Internet censorship in the current debate emanating from the Christian quarter over children. Clearly, the Judeo-Christian myth is in its essence anti-child, but even Americans who do not consider themselves overtly Christian will support anti-child policies simply because the Judeo-Christian myth is inseparably imbedded in American middle-class mores. Judeo-Christian fanaticism may be the foundation of middle-class repression and conformism, but middle-class mores have been secularized with time. Middle-class Americans today might view Judeo-Christian myth not as the guiding principle of their beliefs, but as an external source of corroboration and legitimization. For instance, the average middle-class American might say "I think sex education for children is wrong and I know I am right because the Bible agrees with my position." Now, clearly, this is an instance of self-deception on the part of the middle-class American, but it is important to recognize that the process of self-deception is occurring.

The proof that Judeo-Christian religious fanaticism is the basis for this particular form of attempted censorship of the Internet is to be seen in the category of things that Americans want censored. They do not want their children to read any information about sex and they do not want their children to see photographs of human genitals or humans in sexual situations. Current Judeo-Christian propaganda teaches that information about sex is harmful to children and that a child will be harmed by seeing human genitals. The stated concern is that children who have received information about sex will become sexually active. Sexual activity is tantamount to independence. It is the assumption of autonomy over one's own body and emotions. Judeo-Christian myth seeks to deny children autonomy over their own bodies and emotions. According to the model of the Hebrew desert deity Jehovah over his subjects, control over the physical and developmentally powerless is valued more highly than individual autonomy and independence. This contrasts sharply with the model found in pure Western culture. The Judeo-Christian parent asks himself, "How can I get my child to obey?" The Western parent asks himself, "How can I teach my child so that he can think for himself?" The Judeo-Christian method is to subjugate and control children. The Western method is to free children by giving them information and education. Attempts at imposing censorship on the Internet are therefore anti-Western.

FatherMag: Americans seem able to see how other nations, such as Iran, are crippled by their religious fanaticism. Yet they are totally blind to its effects on their own culture. In 1993 alone, there were over 2.9 million reports of child abuse. Most of these were sex abuse allegations made by women who want to have the upper hand in divorce cases. It is estimated that there are now over ten million men in the US who have been accused of abusing children. Do you think fanatic puritanism is essential to the perpetuation of the child sex abuse industry? HODGES: Certainly, fanatic puritanism enables the accusation of fathers sexually using their children to be taken seriously in the first place. This is because Judeo-Christian myth holds all sexual activity to be abusive and harmful. From a strictly medical and scientific point of view, sex is beneficial and necessary for human health. Sexual activity is also an empowering activity that leads to independence of thought, will, and action. Sex is in all reality abusive and harmful to Judeo-Christian authority. The complex 'child sex abuse industry' deserves more study. Whether one is discussing genital contact between parent and child, sexual relationships between children, or sexual relationships between children and adults, one must recognize that the basis for viewing these relationships as abusive to the child is to be found in Judeo-Christian religious fanaticism and not in objective studies of anthropology or history.
FatherMag: From outside the US, it is easy to see how America is crippled by religious extremism. Teenage pregnancy and abortion rates are high, compared to countries where sex education is provided to youngsters. I think there are many Americans who simply do not know that other countries have faced this problem and conquered it. Here in Holland, abortion is easily available and legal, yet Holland consistently has the lowest abortion rate in the world. Every teenager and every parent in Holland knows about the American babies dying. Here we say "Americans sacrifice their babies to God." Would Americans rather see their babies die than provide their children with sex education? HODGES: It is my observation that American middle-class parents suffering from the most acute forms of religious addictions might very well countenance the view that disobedient children who eat of the forbidden fruit and assert autonomy deserve any and all of the frightful consequences that they are told await them. Remember, the laws of Moses command Jewish parents to kill their disobedient children. Fanatical Christians believe that they too are obligated to obey the laws of Moses. Surely the good people of Holland are aware that millions of Americans kick their children out of the house and disown them after discovering that the child is sexually active. This is a symbolic child-murder. Regarding the circumcision problem in America, many Christian American parents have stated to me that they would rather subject their child to the risk of death from the operation than to allow their boy to be different. Better a dead baby than an unmutilated baby.
FatherMag: Many Americans seem to cling to their fanaticism as if it could shield them from the very evils it spawns. How can we encourage people who live in America to step back and take a look at their culture? HODGES: The only way towards social regeneration is through education. Judeo-Christian forces, however, are working relentlessly to destroy the educational system of America. Efforts are underway to ban the teaching of science that is not in accord with the Hebrew creation myth. Efforts are underway to outlaw the teaching of all information regarding sex and human anatomy. Currently, almost all candidates for presidential election in American have vowed to eliminate the Department of Education. It seems as if there is no way to divert Americans from the path down which they are being led.

In an ideal world, an American school system would be modeled after the school systems of Europe. In a revolutionary ideal world, extra steps would be taken to insure the ascendancy of native Western values. To this end, American children would study the works of Greek philosophers, especially Plato. All of Western philosophy is contained within Plato. Plato is also very entertaining reading. Children would be taught the essentials of Western religion, that is the Nature reverencing world view that is so very close to the teachings of the indigenous peoples of North America. Children would learn about May Day and Samhain first. Information about alien religious events such as ritual genital mutilation, child sacrifice, Rosh Hasanah, and Lent would be introduced later as part of anthropological surveys. Children would learn the names of Western deities first. They would know the names of Athena, Gaia, Thor, Pan, Eros, Odin, Freya and what philosophical and psychological archetypes they represent before they learned how many enemy penises were cut off in the name of Jehovah, or how many millions of people were slaughtered and how many cultures, such as the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canannites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites were exterminated so that Jehovah could provide his people with breeding ground and unearned wealth.

Children and University students would be taught Western history from the Western perspective. In America, the general study of history today begins with Hebrew history, or perhaps Egyptian history, or Assyrian History. These are not Western peoples. Students are told nothing about what the peoples of Europe were doing at the time the Hebrews were murdering their neighbors or the Egyptians building their pyramids. Obviously history was being made in Europe. Just because it was less violent and less environmentally devastating does not mean that it is unworthy of study.

The Judeo-Christian bias has led the study of history to parallel the Torah myths of Hebrew history. The ludicrous aspect of this trend is more apparent if one were to describe the history of Western civilization from the perspective of Chinese civilization. Under the Judeo-Christian model, Western history does not begin until the Jews came into contact with the Greeks. Under the hypothetical Chinese model, Western history would not begin until the 14th century when the Westerner Marco Polo made contact with the Chinese.

This lack of teaching is reflected in a lack of research. Archaeologists are influenced by the Judeo-Christian model. Their first impulse is to excavate the buried villages and rubbish piles of the Middle East. Why do they not excavate the buried villages of Northern Europe?

My personal view is that Americans will not be able to look at their own culture objectively. I would encourage European scholars to begin looking objectively at American culture and to build a body of knowledge that can later be used by educated Americans as tools for the restructuring of American society. Since a military invasion from Europe is unlikely to occur, one must look forward to an academic and scientific invasion to transform American from the hot-bed of Judeo-Christian abuses to a peaceful and enlightened culture based on native Western values.

FatherMag: Many fathers today find that the system denies them the right to participate meaningfully in the upbringing of their children. The mother often denies the child the right to have a relationship with him, and the system in many ways enables this alienation of the father from his child. Fathers are just not seen as important, despite much statistical evidence to the contrary. Yet classical fathers seemed to be primarily responsible for their child's upbringing, especially if he was male. They would never have allowed their boy to be raised by a woman. Do you see any way that this change is related to Judeo-Christian influence? HODGES: This change is directly related to Judeo-Christian influence on the legal institutions of Western society, especially American society. In the Judeo-Christian system, both women and children are denigrated. They have no value and no rights. In America and formerly in Europe, Christianity defined the woman's role in society and in the family in a very narrow utilitarian sense. Women were not people, they were servants. One of the jobs assigned to women in Judeo-Christianity is the raising of children. Men do not take part in the raising of children because time spent with children is time wasted for the Judeo-Christian man. The legal system today that automatically gives women preference in child custody cases by virtue of their womanhood is a result of this mysogynistic system. The attitude of the system is not really that women have superior child raising skills. The attitude is that women deserve the punishing burden of child raising and that men should be free from this 'unmanly' activity.

In Ancient Greece and in Ancient Europe in general, child-rearing was shared. Women taught children what they had to teach. Men taught children what they had to teach. In general, though, scholastic and moral education was entrusted to professionals. In the close-knit village societies of central and northern Europe, there was no marriage. Men and women joined together for as long as it was mutually agreeable. Children were raised by the entire village, not just by the biological mother. The Judeo-Christian concept of only mothers raising children would have appeared ridiculous and harmful to ancient Europeans. Bear in mind that Christianity was forced on Europeans. They did not convert and destroy their traditional ways of life voluntarily. Christianity was brought not on a silver platter, but at the point of a sword.

FatherMag: Perhaps you could describe a typical pre-Christian boy's daily routine and how he interacted with his father. HODGES: Let us start with the Germanic tribes. We have first hand accounts of the Germans from Tacitus. Tacitus does not tell us as much as we would like to know, but he does provide many important clues. In Germania 20.1-2. we read that the children of the German tribes grew up naked and free in the simple, environmentally innocuous villages. Tacitus marveled at how these children developed into 'that girth of limb and frame which is to our people a marvel.' He also notes that mothers suckle each child at her own breasts. Children were not passed on to nursemaids and wetnurses. In the matrilineal society of the Germans, uncles took as much care in the raising of their nephews as they did their own sons. Tacitus writes further comments: "Some tribes regard this blood-tie as even closer and more sacred then that between son and father. This sort of inter-familial solicitude would have ensured tribal harmony and loyalty. German boys spend their days in learning and honing martial skills. These skills when not used in battle were transformed into stylized artistic displays. Tacitus notes that naked boys entertained at feasts by demonstrating a sort of fast paced running and jumping dance amid swords.

This is very similar to the Gymnopaedia festival of the Spartans where boys performed stylized dances representing their various martial and athletic abilities. Spartan boys rose early and spend the day in education and training. While much of a boy's training had practical applications, the tremendous importance placed on dancing and singing as an inseparable component of these activities suggests both personal and public enjoyment of a Spartan boy's daily routine. As with some German tribes, Spartan boys had little contact with their biological fathers and entered into long-lasting, meaning, and edifying relationships with noble and honorable men. In Sparta, all male citizens received the same education and training. There were no class or occupational divisions in their society. All Spartans were for the most part land-owning aristocrats. Mercantile, agricultural, and economic activities were franchised out to the helots, the permanent underclass of non-citizens of different race, language, and culture who were maintained at the pleasure of the Spartans.

In classical Athens, boys had a more formal liberal arts education. The day was spend in school learning history, mathematics, music, literature, and the like. Boys also spend several hours each day at gymnastics in order to develop their bodies. The Greek Ideals of Kalokagathia, that is, 'being both beautiful and virtuous' was the aim of Greek education for boys. Greek boys did play outside the context of school, but the impression gained from reading the accounts of Greek schools left by Plato and others suggests that the boy's activities in the Gymnasia were rewarding and pleasurable in their own right. The boys of classical Athens did not spend much time with their biological families. The wider community of virtuous citizens was the real family for boys and youths.

Girls too shared in the bounty of society. Spartan and German girls trained along side boys and earned the praise of commentators as being beautifully developed, strong, and the equal of boys in most respects.

How different this is from contemporary Judeo-Christian society, where females are denigrated and children are chattel. To our ancestors, the raising of cultured and gracious children was the willing preoccupation of society. Today, adult mercantile culture competes with children for resources. Ancient Greeks and Germans would have been appalled at the way modern (especially American) fathers compete with their children rather than nurture them; dole out punishment rather than instruction; and view their children as burdensome possessions rather than precious partners.

FatherMag: In practical terms, what would a Western father's approach to his children be? HODGES: A Western father would approach his child as he would any adult, but an adult to whom he has special obligations. He would feel obligated to be as kind, affectionate, and gentle to his children as possible. Given the Judeo-Christian society we live in, a Western father would have the additional burden of protecting his children from the forces that would deny the child his or her human rights. The father would protect his child from anyone who would attempt to subjugate the child to his will. This means protecting children from sexual mutilators, by which I mean circumcisers. These are people who in the guise of doctors do not heal children but use children as raw material for the performance of their superstitious impulses. If adults have the right to protection from physical attack then children do as well. Circumcision is an attack on a child. It is not medical treatment since the child has no emergency medical condition that requires drastic amputation. A Western father would not listen to the clever arguments circumcisers give to justify their need to sexually assault children. A Western father would not only protect his child but ensure that the circumciser was locked up somewhere where he could never gain access to children.
FatherMag: This is a classic example. Child circumcision is a big problem in many parts of the World, and particularly in America, but it is almost non-existent for us in Europe. What problems do you see that prevent Europeans from an immediate return to Western values? HODGES: Europe has gone further than America in the return to native Western values, it is true. Europe has even been the primary author of the human rights doctrines of the United Nations. The United States has never ratified these doctrines, by the way. Some European countries have gone further than others in providing legal protections of children's rights. Holland is one of the most progressive. Europe must affirm its role as leader in the human and children's rights campaign. Europe must not allow America to dominate in any sphere again. Europe must insist that the United States change its laws to include children in all legal protections and to enact legal protections to remedy those current situations, such as circumcision, where children are being singled out for mistreatment at the hands of adults. The United States is the least capable country of ruling the Western world. Europe must assume leadership.
FatherMag: But what can individual European fathers do in the realm of their own home? HODGES: They can work to free themselves of any residual sexual repression they may still harbor. They must free themselves of enslavement to corporate agendas. Europeans are to a dangerous degree controlled by tobacco companies. Europe refuses to accept those American agricultural products that don't meet European health standards. Europeans must refuse to accept chemical degradation by American or by any tobacco companies. Freeing the body and the mind from chemical dependencies is one step in the struggle for freedom from political and cultural dependencies on destructive organizations such as Judeo-Christian religious institutions and addictive chemical companies. Both are anti-Western. Both presume the body to be evil and in need of destruction. Judeo-Christianity destroys the body and mind through legal and cultural restrictions. Many corporations destroy the body and the mind through the manufacture of addictive and harmful chemicals. The influence of both must be rejected. The environmental movement is in its very essence a Western movement. It seeks to heal the earth and rid it of destructive influences. Europe leads in this area, but it must strengthen its leadership role. When it has done this, fathers will be able to provide to their children the most nurturing environment possible. In this way they are being true to their Western traditions.

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