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New Baby: Child Health Issues

Fatherhood - happy baby photo
happy baby © Alex Motrenko - Fotolia.com. All rights reserved.

Is Child Circumcision Obsolete or the Cutting Edge of American Ingenuity?
We examine here some of the reasons why 100 years ago the American medical establishment began to surgically alter the genitals of children. American medical professionals are increasingly reluctant to perform elective child circumcisions, as are their colleagues in all other Western countries.

Support for Fathers of Premature Infants
Fathers of premature infants may feel lost in the shuffle while their new babies are in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Is the new baby a boy, or a girl? One out of every two thousand births presents parents with a sudden gender dilemma. A tradition of secrecy means most parents are totally unprepared.

Children and Cars
America's most pressing child health issue.

Myopia: Room Light In Early Childhood and Nearsightedness
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia found that children who slept with either a room light or night light on until age two were more likely to later develop myopia (nearsightedness).

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The Medical Basis for Routine Circumcision
A quest for official medical authorities of the western world that advocate child circumcision. The historical basis of the procedure.

Self-Test for Sexual Sensitivity
How much of your sexual sensitivity has been cut away?

When Willie Wet the Bed
Fathering poetry about a classic problem.