Test one: MUSE ED Treatment Review

by Mark Spiran

I ordered my Muse alprostadil through my usual doctor during a visit to his office. The Muse 125 strength wasn't offered. I ordered the Muse 250, the lowest strength that was shown on the order form.

When I went to pick up my order, the pharmacy had (after calling my doctor) substituted the Muse 500 alprostadil. So that's what I tried. They told me to keep it refrigerated, and the boxes felt cold, so I have no reason to suspect improper storage.

Back home, Muse alprostadil urethral pellet insertion with the plastic applicator went exactly as described in the Muse leaflet. I wanted to give it real test, so against instructions I lay down on my back and avoided any arousing thoughts.

The developers of alprostadil claim it can produce an erection within 5 to 10 minutes in the absence of any sexual stimulation.

(I have normal erections and I use erectile enhancers such as Viagra only when I want to have a longer session without my body losing interest before I do.)

At 5 minutes I saw absolutely no erection.

At 10 minutes, still no erection. Yes, there was a bit of the urethral stinging and a vague deep dull penile pain the instructions mention, but not enough stinging or pain to really matter. I might not have noticed either symptom if I had not been looking for it.

At 15 minutes, with a total lack of effect I stood up and within a minute I had a half-mast erection. This  lasted as long as I didn't lie on my back. Doing so caused immediate softening of the erection. Curiously, other body positions brought the half-mast erection (and dull pain) right back again.

This state lasted about 70 minutes, then the effect began to wear off, though some residual effect remained for another hour.

Muse alprostadil is useful as an enhancer, when used along with sexual stimulation and perhaps an oral dose of Viagra, etc. If you have realistic expectations (and don't lie down on your back) you probably will find it useful.

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