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Home > Health - Child Circumcision > Article


The uncircumcised penis functions better and is more attractive

In a healthy male the uncircumcised penis, more accurately called the intact penis, functions better and is more attractive than one that has been cut down by circumcision. The word uncircumcised is also used to refer to the restored penis, that is one in which enough skin is regrown to "undo" a circumcision.

Uncircumcised is natural. Uncircumcised is better. That is why there is no national or international public health authority in the western world which advocates the routine circumcision of either boys or girls.

InstitutionAdvocates Circumcision
American Medical AssociationNo
American Cancer SocietyNo
Center for Disease ControlNo
National Institute of HealthNo
American Academy of PediatricsNo
Pediatric Urologists AssociationNo
Amer. College of Obst. & Gyn.No
other countries
Canadian Pediatric SocietyNo
Canadian Medical AssociationNo
European Medical Societies (any)No

All of these public health authorities take seriously their responsibility to protect your child's health. All of these institutions recommend good prenatal care, breastfeeding, and vaccination for children. None of them advise you to circumcise your child.

Circumcision, like any surgery, exposes the patient to the risk of infection. Sometimes children die as a result of an infection that occured due to a circumcision. Children circumcised by mohels or other non-medical practitioners sometimes acquire tuberculosis or other diseases.

In an normal uncircumcised man, or better said in a normal intact man the special sexually sensitive tissue unfolds and exposes itself on the shaft of the penis. The circumcised man has only a narrow band of this sensitive tissue remaining.

If you have been circumcised, take the sensitivity test to see how you can compare your current state with that of the uncircumcised, intact man.

Just as with female circumcision in some parts of the world, the intent of male circumcision in America was to control sexual activity. It is clear from the historical evidence that circumcision in America was instituted in a futile attempt to prevent masturbation by reducing sexual sensitivity.

Abraham ordered his followers to sacrifice the foreskin as evidence of their covenant, but Christ exempted Christians from circumcision. The Jews and Muslims have largely continued to follow Abraham's example.

Despite this exemption for Christians, a few 19th century fundamentalist Christian doctors joined with Jewish doctors to promote male circumcision in the US.

Up through the 1970s, nearly all males were circumcised at birth in the US. So a very large-scale HIV circumcision experiment has already been run. HIV and AIDS flourished in the circumcised male population of the USA. Uncircumcised Europe was much less affected.

Circumcision rates have now plummeted in the US as more men confront the real reason why they were sexually altered. Uncircumcised and intact has once again become normal for American men.

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