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Home > Health - Child Circumcision > Foreskin Restoration


Or How I Spent a Year and a Half Restoring My Butchered Foreskin

by Rio Cruz
(page five)

And foreskin restoration isn't just a male issue, either. Since most men come together with most women, there has to be an up side for the xx chromosome set as well, right? And there is. Most women who have experienced sex with both circumcised and uncircumcised men report that intercourse with an uncircumcised guy is much more pleasurable and comfortable than with a man whose foreskin has been cut off. The reason is because of what is termed "gliding." Gliding is where the erect phallus, busy doing its thing inside a woman's pussy is actually moving in and out of its own foreskin. So instead of the constant in and out friction against the woman's vagina, the outer skin of the phallus is actually stationary where it comes into contact with the delicate vaginal walls and consequently does not rub the poor thing raw as the man is sawing back and forth, in and out, trying to cum. And since the man's uncircumcised dick is much more sensitive than a cut one, it doesn't take till six weeks come Wednesday to cum. In fact, the foreskin makes it much easier to control the whole process so you cum when you and your partner are ready. You can put premature ejaculation on the dust heap of the past. Blessed relief for the woman, right? And blessed relief for the man, too, I must say.

There is a whole array of web sites available to help you on your way to technicolor sex. The Foreskin Restoration Resource is an excellent place to get started. He has before, during and after pictures to show his progress plus tons of info on the anatomy of the penis, circumcision, links to related sites, tips on restoration and more.

Chymmylt Bwoid's site is another good one and combines his pages with the pages of the grandfather of all restoration sites, Derrick Townsend's Diary. There is a pictorial "how to make T-tapes," section which gets into the A to Z mechanics of restoration devices.

Don Kettle has my personal favorite site. He has links to all the other sites plus a great archive of restoration tips and advise, FAQ's and a chat channel.

There is also an international support group called the National Organization of Restoring Men (NORM) with chapters all over the world. You can visit them on the web, or if you prefer stay-at-home support, there is an email list that continually sends restoration info, techniques, new discoveries, encouragement and jokes. I personally did not find out about this list until about the 9th month or restoration and it proved invaluable in giving me direction and sustaining my resolve. You can get on the list by sending an email request to the web master at: gburlin@cirp.org

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Copyright © 1999, 2009 Rio Cruz. All rights reserved.
No duplication or transmission in any form without express written permission of the author.

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