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Home > Health - Child Circumcision > Foreskin Restoration


Or How I Spent a Year and a Half Restoring My Butchered Foreskin

by Rio Cruz
(page three)

And what is really frustrating is that we have in this country a vocal, sexist coterie of people like Barbara Walters yelling and screaming about female circumcisions in Africa and other third world countries while these same dipstick door jambs blithely go about the routine amputation of an extremely important part of their male infant's anatomy. Makes ya just want to ram hot pokers up their butts! [-Editor]

Well, like I said, Dr. Dean did get my attention. So I went on the web, dialed up http://www.4skin.com/restore/niks4wen/, read what was needed and embarked on a year-and-a-half-long adventure to restore my amputated foreskin. And I must tell you boys and girls, if you knew what you were missing you would rise in arms against the bureaucratic quacks and lame-brained medical establishment that keep the practice going. Sex for me now, with a restored foreskin, is much more pleasurable, more complex, more intense, satisfying, interesting and just plain fun than it ever was as a circumcised male! There are subtleties and nuances of sensation I never knew before. There is a whole array of sensations and stimuli that come into play. Waves of Technicolor sensuality and outlandish orgasms that take me to the brink of coma. It's like the difference between black and white tv viewed on a Sony Watchman, and full-blown, full-size color with stereophonic sound. Color tv is just more interesting, fun and entertaining. So is uncircumcised sex.

Well, actually, naturally intact sex is like full-blown color tv. There are lots of guys who went under the knife as adults and know the difference. Restored sex is more like those early color sets that came out in the sixties. Not as good as the tv today, but a damn sight better than a black and white Philco.

Not long ago there was some study published on the difference between sex practices of the circumcised versus the naturally intact. The main thing the researchers found was that circumcised guys had more, and more varied sex than did their uncircumcised counterparts. To me, this study made complete sense. When I was circumcised, I had to do all kinds of things, get into all kinds of positions, use all kinds of special effects just to get off. Banging on a toboggan at 50 miles per, doing it in alleyways at rush hour, doing it in the "Downward Facing Dog" yoga posture while swinging from a chandelier, stuff like that. The sex act by itself was simply not stimulating enough to lead to orgasm. It wasn't as satisfying, either. With all the recovered sensations, feelings, sensuality and complexity provided by my new restored foreskin, I have no need to go through all those machinations just to come. Intercourse... just plain old, missionary position, normal, slow-motion intercourse is interesting enough.

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Copyright © 1999, 2009 Rio Cruz. All rights reserved.
No duplication or transmission in any form without express written permission of the author.

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