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Home > Health - Child Circumcision > Article

Child Circumcision - page four

A Collection of Information Resources for Expectant Parents

Child circumcision in the US was first promoted under Lie Number One in the late 1800's, and continues today under the combined pressure of Lies Number Two and Three.

  • Lie Number One:
    Child circumcision will reduce the sex drive and prevent masturbation.
    Truth: While circumcision certainly reduces sexual satisfaction, there is no indication that it reduces masturbation or the drive to attain sexual satisfaction. This myth was the base on which circumcision was originally sold. Continental Europe's Puritans had emigrated (some to Britain and Australia, but most to America) so neonatal circumcision never became routine in Europe.
  • Lie Number Two:
    Ten percent of the intact (not circumcised) boys will need circumcision later on in their lives.
    Truth: Fewer than one percent of intact European men ever get this treatment for any medical condition whatsoever, yet they have a lower penile cancer rate than American men. European men also have lower rates of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
    • Israel and the US are the only industrialized countries where a male has a high risk of being circumcised. In Finland -- a non-circumcising country -- the operative rate is only a tiny fraction of this percentage. A male's risk of being circumcised for any reason during his entire lifespan is less than one in 16,000. In the US, the differences reflect an American attitude that the foreskin is expendable and the tendency to remove it at the first sign of trouble. Circ Info Network 950814
  • Lie Number Three:
    Circumcision is a horribly painful experience for older males, but it doesn't really hurt children, so it should be done early.
    Truth: There is an abundance of evidence from scientific journals, medical personnel, and parents, that circumcision is a horribly painful experience for babies. In keeping with the sadistic origins of this barbaric custom, no anesthetic was even used during child circumcision in America. (Even if an anesthetic were used, the wound would stay very painful for several days.)

Hidden shame:
The degree to which child circumcision contributes to the shamefully high infant mortality rate in the US is hidden, because fatal circumcision complications are recorded under whatever was the immediate cause of death, e.g., hemophilia, or gastric rupture, or a disease which resulted from infection, etc.

Some would have us believe that this surgery is benign, but the anti-circumcision websites are peppered with horror stories of circumcisions gone wrong, and tales of parents whose child was circumcised without their permission. With infants it's usually hospital error; with older children it sometimes happens during a routine doctor's visit for a vaccination. (Again note that NO national medical society recommends the circumcision of children!) Sudden pressure for an immediate circumcision by an unconscionable doctor seeking an easy dollar is sometimes successful, especially if brought on a parent while the spouse is away and not immediately available for consultation.

Here are a few more of the arguments and counter-arguments concerning child circumcision, and finally, we look at what happens when a child circumcision goes wrong by considering a case taken from actual court records.

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The Medical Basis for Routine Circumcision
A quest for official medical authorities of the western world that advocate child circumcision. The historical basis of the procedure.

Child Circumcision
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Protect Your Son
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Jews and Circumcision

The Role of Circumcision in the Islamic World
by Sami Aldeeb

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Do Not Promote Circumcision for Cancer Prevention
says the American Cancer Society

Reduction Surgery
Quotes from the medical profession.

Sexual Mutilation
Quotes from internet resources.

Boy's Death Highlights New Dangers of Neonatal Circumcision
Infants experiencing circumcision are more subject to Hypovolemic Shock and Methicillin Resistant Staphyloccus Aureus (MRSA).

Horror Stories
Many live with problems resulting from involuntary circumcision.

The Circumcision Decision
Answers to your questions about infant circumcision.

Care of Intact Boys
Answers to your questions about your young son's personal care.

Listing of Publications and Organizations
Support for parents who want to protect their family from involuntary genital alteration.

Glossary of Related Terms

Non-surgical foreskin restoration.

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The physical function of the foreskin.
by Geoffrey T. Falk