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Home > Health - Child Circumcision > Glossary


see penile reduction surgery

a fluid-filled sac. In circumcised boys it often occurs on the glans of the penis because their glans is exposed to abrasion and feces in their diaper.

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)
surgery designed to reduce the sexual activity of females

the end of the intact penis, where the outer skin folds inward and forms the sexually sensitive area of the penis.

prepuce, the part of the skin system of the penis covering the glans. The outer skin folds inward at the end of the foreskin. From this fold on to where it joins behind the glans is the sexually sensitive area of the skin system. A circumcised man can test this as follows: In an aroused state, caress the skin downwards, starting from the end of the penis. When your stroke crosses the scar line, note the stark difference in sensitivity.

The amount of sensitive area you have remaining between the scar line and the glans is just a sample of what you had before your circumcision.

This sensitive region is normally much larger and folded inside the foreskin in the intact male, where it is moist and protected from constant stimulation. After circumcision, this region is exposed, dried out, and greatly desensitized.

Circumcision was designed in an attempt to reduce the sexual appetite by reducing the amount of pleasure sexual stimulation could provide you.

the connecting tissue under the glans, tying the glans to the foreskin, much as the frenulum of the tongue. The frenulum is the most sexually sensitive area of the penis, comparable with the clitoris in the female, and is removed during male circumcision.

the head of the penis, which like the tongue, has no skin or covering to protect it from drying out when exposed to the air.

hirsute penis
(hairy penis) a condition of circumcised males. The normal penis skin is smooth and free of hair, while the tight skin of an erect circumcised penis pulls pubic hair up onto the shaft of the penis. During intercourse, this haired skin enters the vagina and causes chafing. After intercourse, the hair and hair follicles retain material and the area is difficult to clean.

Human Genital Mutilation; see FGM and MGM

uncircumcised, unmutilated, uncut

MGM (Male Genital Mutilation)
surgery designed to reduce the sexual activity of males

soon after birth, newborn

penile reduction surgery
a medical term for circumcision, referring to the surgical reduction of the sexually sensitive area of the penis; see foreskin

see foreskin

restoring the coverage of the glans through either surgical or non-surgical means; see stretching

scar line
the line where the sexually sensitive skin remaining from the inner fold of the foreskin meets the outer skin on the shaft of the penis following penile reduction surgery

skin bridge
a common complication of circumcision in which part of the remaining skin heals by attaching to the glans, forming a "bridge" of skin

sexophobia is characterized by excessive shame of one's own genitals, disgust and censorship of images of genitals, ascribing evil results to the use of the genitals, defacing of works of art which exhibit the genitals, cutting and other mutilating of the genitals, and the genital torturing of enemies

stitch tunnel
or suture tunnel, a common complication of circumcision in which "tunnels" of skin remain from the sutures. These pockets remain susceptable to infection for the entire life of the mutilation victim.

stretching, stretching device
the practice of (and devices for) the non-surgical restoration of the foreskin through stretching

intact, uncut, unmutilated

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Glossary of Related Terms

Non-surgical foreskin restoration.

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