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Family Life

Applying our philosophy to daily living.


Why Monks?
In some ways becoming fathers turns us into monks. We serve others at our own expense. We deny ourselves many worldly pleasures. We get philosophical.
How Meditation Helps Dads
Some men find that meditation helps them relax and reflect on life. The Zen of life reveals to us a natural concept of morality.
Man's Instinct to Serve
Nature has shaped us with an inborn ability to protect and serve.
The Nature of Nurture
Most of us cannot and don't want to live like our distant forefathers did. But if we are to understand ourselves, we need to know where we are coming from. For that reason it is important to give some thought to how our forefathers lived.
A Zen Parable of Trust
To build wisdom, judgment and strength of character, one must encounter falsehood and learn to recognize it.

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