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Why Monks?

In some ways becoming fathers turns us into monks.


Like monks, we serve others at our own expense. We deny ourselves many worldly pleasures. We get philosophical.

Those of us becoming fathers in the 21st century may be less prepared for the job than our forefathers were. Due to the trend towards smaller families, we are less likely to have helped raise younger siblings, for example.

Perhaps even more important is the change in gender relationships. Western cultures no longer expect women to stay at home and do as they are told. As fathers, we are expected to work with a "partner" rather than a submissive mate.

To take conscious control of our lives we sometimes need to disengage from the action for a moment, step back and take an unemotional and objective look at the big picture.

Man's Instinct to Serve
Nature has shaped us with an inborn ability to protect and serve.
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