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Fathering Magazine

Family Strife Edition

For the newest articles, see What's New

archived strife features:

Is It Soup Yet?
In new stepfamilies there often exists the misconception that immediate harmony is possible.

How to Keep from Killing the Little Devils
Almost anyone, if pushed far enough, can get angry enough to scream, hit, or even kill.

In the Best Interest of the Child - The Child Custody Evaluation
Today's fathers are more likely to seek custody. Many of them will need to prepare for a child custody evaluation.

Father Poem: Arriving Home
Holding you close I can feel your warm smile, Someday you'll understand, why I never let go first.

The Case for Father Custody
Human beings differ from cattle and the difference is created by fathers. Daniel Amneus makes the case for fathers getting custody of their children. "It is fatherhood which makes childhood possible."

Feminism: Beauty or the Beast?
Feminism, brute presumption, deadbeat dads, domestic violence, zero tolerance for abuse, NOW. After a round on the talkshow circuit exposing gender inequities, activist and paralegal Pearle Harbor gives us an earful.

more strife items:


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