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Fathering Magazine

Family Strife Edition

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archived strife features:
Soccer Boy photo
Soccer Dad
He's the kid who the coach always puts at left fullback, so he'll be out of the way.

Most Serious Warning Ever
In politics, one of the few things you can be certain about is, those who take away your liberty are not doing it to benefit you.

VAWA Law Polarizes the Sexes, Weakens the Family
Has anyone noticed that Constitutional protections of due process are being shredded by this near-hysteria over domestic violence?

Sex and Inflation: the Declining Value of Abuse
Time was, an abuse allegation had some value. But that was before everyone had lots of them, and inflation had set in. After all, masturbation is self-abuse, and look where that's ended up.

VAWA: The Violence Against Women Act is Joe Biden's Worst Shame
Introduced with good intentions, VAWA has mutated into a system of repression, power and control, manipulated by the domestic violence industry and exploited by vengeful spouses seeking advantage in divorce and child custody.

Father-son poem: A Separation
A warm embrace, Perhaps more than one. A touch, A touch to say I am O.K. A look, A look to say, Maybe, Just maybe, I am the son, The son he always wanted.

more strife items:


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