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Mark Phillips

Mark has been a Stay-At-Home-Dad for over six years, ever since his wife took him and his son off to see the world with the US Navy. Before that, he taught high school kids how to speak, write, and act.

His latest endeavor, called "The Vacuum Is A Power Tool," is a series of columns leading to a book about being a Stay At Home Dad and still being as much a man as you need to be.


Wimpy Sports
Some activities cannot be described as sports. Some sports cannot be described as manly...

Manly Sports
Sports offer exercise and comeraderie, but they also give men opportunities to do what they do best--be men.

Athletic Supporters
One good way to let your Inner Gladiator out for a while is to play or follow sports.

My ToddlerSpeak Dictionary - Twins
Once a Stay-At-Home-Dad defines some of his twins' weird idioms, he has the responsibility to share those definitions with his wife!

Some Reasons to Stay Home
Why would anyone give up adult conversation, intellectual stimulation, and a salary to stay at home and be surrounded by children all day?...the dress code!

Mr. Mom? Whatever...
Some Stay-At-Home-Dads get offended if you call them Mr. Mom. After all, we're not Mom and we're not Michael Keaton. I have learned that it's not an insult. It's just a way to say

Traits of a Good Parent
You might think that the Stay-At-Home-Parent should be an expert in certain areas like time management or household organization. It turns out that these aren't as vital to being a good Chief Household Officer as you might think...

NOT For Your Consideration
When deciding which parent should quit his or her job and stay home with the kids, there are certain things that should NOT be considered...

Which One Should Stay Home?
Just because you are the Dad does not mean that you would be the best choice to stay home with the kids while your wife goes to work. There are many things to consider first, like who is the best suited for the job.

Fatherly Lessons
Imagine a young boy who has no older brother to teach him the really important skills in life. You know, the skills that are not only not taught in school, they are not allowed. Now, imagine if that little boy's father were a Stay-At-Home-Dad...

Confidence in Competence
Parenting can challenge the confidence of the best of us. When you are sure you are in over your head, don't underestimate your kids.

Stay-At-Home-Dads Are One in a Million
It's official. The Census Bureau says that for every thousand men in America, ONE is a Stay-At-Home-Dad.

Men Make Better Housewives
Part One: With the trend of more dads staying home from work to raise the children and maintain the household, it has been determined that there are certain advantages men have over women in the area of domestic management.

Men Can't Do Everything Right
Stay-At-Home-Dads need the strength to learn the right way to do some things, humility to accept what they cannot do right, and wisdom to know the difference.

How to Be a Stay-At-Home Dad
As Stay-At-Home Dads, we have to remember that we are still men and must not let our nurturing, comforting sides take over and eliminate our grunting, fighting, hunting sides.

Mark Phillips


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