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Archie Wortham

Copyright 2000. All rights reserved.Copyright 2000. All rights reserved.

PhD. & Weekly Dad Columnist
Adjunct Professor, St. Philip's College

Copyright 2000. All rights reserved.Copyright 2000. All rights reserved.

Fatherhood and the Metrosexual Dad
These men enjoy theater as much as a ball game, collect recipes as well as tools, are emotionally present, and work hard to better their community. Know any?

Sometimes all it takes is holding a hand to really connect.

Christmas Spirit
The last Christmas? Yes, indeed! The last holidays of the millennium.

I'm not sure what it is about siblings, but somewhere along the way some of us find it difficult to love each other like we love our friends.

Elian Gonzalez
Fathers' fight to be important in America continues.

Charles Schulz: A Tribute
A tribute to Charles Schutz: Happiness is being in the other room.

Teen Pregnancy: Teaching Caution as a Form of Planned Parenthood
Girls who grow up without fathers tend to become sexually active at earlier ages as they look for male approval in intimate relationships before they're emotionally ready.

A Father of Brothers
If you have more than one child, you soon realize you cannot love them the same. Your love for them is as different as they are.

Elian Gonzalez: The Elian Complex - America's Oedipus
Does America really think American men don't know what's going on, or how to fix it?

The Bully: Dads Take Care of Bullies
Bullies: Many times, what we expect as parents is not clear, particularly from our sons.

Family Vacation Summer Fun: Ideas for Dads
Vacation is in the air. After 180 days of school, what have you learned, dads?

Competition: Size Isn't Everything
Men constantly strive to best each other, to get one up on the next man. And if this compulsion is not softened, it creates hard edges on relationships that last a lifetime.

Whats in a Name?
Whats in a name? More than you think!

Imperturbability: Finding Peace Through Giving Thanks
When faced with problems that threaten to steal your peace of mind, learn the meaning of the word imperturbability.

Teenagers Push Us Closer to God
If your son doesn't play sports, how can he get some of that exploding testosterone out of his body? He can't stay in bed or the bathroom forever.

Serena, Tennis, and Playing Fair
Play by the rules. It's important to fight for what you believe, but fight by the rules.

Men & Martha Burk--More than About Golf
Burk's attempt to encroach upon the sanctity of the Masters threatened one of the few places men can go and be MEN.

I Am a Father Advocate
Being an involved father is the making of tomorrow's future.

Gay: Son Teaches Dad a New Word
To many middle-schoolers, gay now means dumb or boring.

Dad Challenging Dads
Dads help each other by realizing that being right is better than being macho.

Christmas: Give a Gift Worth Sharing--Yourself
For a busy dad, missing his own father during the Christmas holidays has helped him understand the importance of his role. Dad's presence is the most important gift to his kids during the Christmas holidays.

Moving ahead, not just rolling along
Rolls out a promise for challenging dads to come to grips with the power they have as fathers--to raise a country of young men as proud as we are of our forefathers.

Being Mean, Dads Teach by Example
Surviving diseases our families innoculate us against: None of these can be more important than helping our sons control their egos, as they teach us to deal with our own.

Boys, Don't Let Girls Make You Become a Father Unexpectedly
Fathers should teach boys to treat girls as ladies, and make sure their sons avoid situations where girls can make them fathers before they are men.

Nothing is ever lost if we believe!
Sometimes, it's our children who give back to us the belief we lose in ourselves.

"I Was Scared"
A son and a dad learn how to grow closer by talking things out, even if it hurts!

Parents Can Still Learn from Teachers
We learn by listening, no matter how old we are. Parents really need to listen to what teachers say for their children's sake.

Remember, No One Is Responsible for Your Son but You
Kids may not understand that a father who checks on them is a father who really loves them.

Sons Will Only Grow Up when Mothers Let Them
There are mothers who want their sons to remain dependent, and these men may marry a woman to replace mom, finding it normal to have a woman who will dominate and mother them. Fathers need to be alert to this cycle and intervene, so their sons will grow up to be better parents and spouses.

Mothers Raise Presidents...But!!
How influential are the maternal grandfathers of great presidents in the lives of their daughters? Mothers raise presidents, but who raised them?

Dads as Models of Self-Discipline
Disciplining and punishing our kids may win a battle, but it is the self-descipline model we give them which will make the real difference in the long run.

Dads Anger Management: Join YA, [Yelling Annonymous] and Reduce Stress
The most important thing is to not be reactive. Losing our temper generally results in slamming doors, yelling at our kids or disciplining them too harshly.

Start the New Year with a Hug
Men generally tend to look toward the future. We focus ahead, on resolving issues that won't impact on our lives for years.

Christmas: Listen for the Bell that Keeps Your Dreams Alive - part 4 of 4
Christmas: Each year I'm blessed with the opportunity to experience portions of the childhood I'd forgotten, as I again find the little kid in me, as I realize how important it is I keep in touch with that.

He's Here! - Christmas part 3 of 4
Family celebrates a Christian Christmas: Finding the Lord Jesus at Christmas - 3rd in 4-part Series

Christmas, Old Meets New: A Teenager Corresponds with a Soldier - part 2 of 4
Write a letter. Send an e-mail. Call someone who you feel needs the encouragement this Christmas.

Deciding What's Important - Christmas part 1 of 4
Christmas with Archie Wortham. Christmas is about sharing, and children love to share.

Mothers' Gatekeeping Keeps Dads Uninvolved
Mothers who seek martyrdom keep their sons from becoming self-sufficient.

The Prodigal Son: Finding a Lost Son
It takes a man to father a child, but it takes a real man to be father.

Friends Become Brothers when Brothers Are Not Friends
You must never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture, you can change a person's life.

Tragedy In New York: Unite America's Families
I've been in the Pentagon. Never thought it would be bombed. There are things you might have thought were impossible.

Don't Wait Another Day to Enjoy Life with Your Family
I’m not sure how you’ve spent your summer, but this has been a busy one for us. One that included several trips to places as a family without work, e-mail, or the computer. Among those things that we secured are memories, or gifts that the children will have forever.

Learning to Love, not Control Our Sons
Fathers are responsible for the fights they have with their sons, and sons are responsible for continuing this madness!

Values Come from Parents, not from Schools
As brothers and sisters in our global village, shouldn't we let go of those resentments we harbor, particularly if they pull us down?

Rules and Nintendo
If we don't teach our kids to follow the rules, are we not teaching them to choose to break them?

Use Parents to Bust up Bullies!
Many of the recent shootings seem to indicate a preponderance of bullying is going on in America, and apparently, no one is doing anything about it.

Puberty Connection and Nintendo
What does Nintendo have to do with entering puberty? Always new games. Frustrating until you understand what's going on

Men 2 Fathers
Tell our sons what they need to hear. Be there, not to keep them from falling, but to help them up if they do.

The Spurs, Duncan & Rules
The importance of rules, and the importance of icons like Tim Duncan following the rules, even if it means wearing a suit.

Hurricane Katrina
Why does it take a national disaster to unite us?

Freedom, Like Education, Is Not Cheap
In todays world, our kids get lost because of the freedoms afforded them, without making them understand what things cost.


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