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Who can write for
You don't have to be a father, or even a male, or of any particular age in order to submit your work for consideration.

What topics are taboo?
In principle, no idea is too wild. That doesn't mean your work will automatically be accepted for publication, but it does mean you shouldn't be afraid to try submitting it for consideration.

What if I feel my writing isn't professional enough?
What the readers want to see is something new, exciting, thought-provoking, or otherwise interesting. When it comes to spelling, punctuation, and grammar, do the best you can, but don't let it hold you back. All material is edited by prior to publication. If you want a book to go by, we use The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition.

I can publish my own page on the web. What advantage is there in making my work part of
We have an established audience for your work. If you do want to set up your own page, perhaps you want us to have a link to it. In any event, you should be aware that every page at is a work of passion!

How do I send in my work?
Just e-mail your article or your query (a short description of the piece you'd like to submit) following the instructions below. Due to the large volume of submissions received, we can't guarantee that your submission will be read or acknowledged.

What about copyright?
You confirm and warrant to that you have all the rights, power and authority necessary to grant license to use any material submitted by you. You must clearly indicate the source of any work which has been previously published elsewhere. See our copyright policy.

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