Artists' Submissions to
Fathering Magazine

If you have produced artwork related to fatherhood, and would like to submit it to Fathering Magazine for World Wide Web distribution via the Internet, then we would like to hear from you. We are always looking for art to accompany articles, short stories, and our other Web pages.

Who can submit artwork to Fathering Magazine?

You don't have to be a father, or even a male, or of any particular age in order to submit your work for consideration.

What about copyrights and receiving credit my work?

We will publish any artwork with your name as part of the image, and a full copyright notice in your name at the bottom of the page on which the image appears.

I can publish my own page on the web. What advantage is there in making my work part of Fathering Magazine?

  1. We have an established audience for your work.
  2. You can use Fathering Magazine as a platform to show your work in context.
  3. As an added service, your image in Fathering Magazine can be a clickable link to your own Web pages displaying your work.
In any event, you should be aware that at present Fathering Magazine gives no financial reimbursement for its contents.

How do I send in my work?

Just e-mail your query (a short description of the piece you'd like to submit) to the e-mail address below. If you don't get a reply within a few days, try again, being certain that the e-mail address where we are to reply to you is correct and working.

Send your query or submission to: