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Taliban Movement Gains Strength
in the United States

by Clyde Verner
page six

Fantasy or not, some women love to continually relive stories about nasty men who lust after their young bodies. (Particularly, this activity seems to be a favorite of those women who have no men lusting after their bodies.) It is ironic and laughable that such women have become NOW's ideal "liberated" woman. Her only role is to react hysterically to what men do. When the men are not actually doing something, these women quickly seize on something a man would do if he were given the chance. NOW's entire concept of power seems to be based on having a man to react to. That's why their "liberated" women have not given up their right to hysteria. [Webster: fr. L. fr. Gk. husterikos fr. hustera, womb]

As a result, the political right wins support. After all, if the women of NOW can be held up as an example of liberated women, then what does feminism have to offer our society? NOW has embraced the concept of a double standard, and if women don't care to work towards any change in this state of affairs, why should we men expect any change? Fortunately, most women today are too busy being successful to waste time on the outdated and hysterical rantings of NOW, and only the political right still finds NOW useful.

Remember being taught about the Puritan days of yore when a young man and woman couldn't be left alone in room without a chaperone? Our image of the chaperone was that of a puritanical woman who supervised all contact between two people who loved each other. This hag, her nose planted in the air, had a sense of moral outrage which moved her to find evil in a caress. Now this modern day Xanthippe runs a sexist women's organization which denies the existence of false abuse allegations and expects millions of American fathers to accept supervised visitation with their own children.

Such extremism drives the acceptance of extreme solutions. Compared with this scenario, the Taliban begins to look reasonable. And unlike our family courts, the Taliban has the advantage of recognizing that one of the surest ways to make a man mad enough to kill is to try to take his family from him.

The American legal system gives a woman the incentive of a free ticket to take the family house and family income, along with the children away from her man whenever she wishes...

Copyright © 1996-1998

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