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Taliban Movement Gains Strength
in the United States

by Clyde Verner
page five

Is the loony woman who kills her children or cuts her husband's penis off just another poor innocent victim deserving our cheers and sympathy? After all, women are not ready to be held to adult standards of responsibility for their actions, are they? What's more, the NOW position against penalties for false accusations makes it clear that even these self-appointed leaders of the women's movement don't see women as people who can be held responsible for their actions. Maybe the reactor role feels so natural and good that they just want to remain poor innocent victims forever. I, for one, wish the women of NOW could outgrow this and find their own way, just as successful women do. Otherwise we're stuck with their traditional double standards for behavior.

So we're stuck with the old double standard anyway? Okay, then we men might as well have our Taliban. It's no secret that the promises of feminism have been largely forgotten. Egalitarianism sure sounded nice, but who wants to share power with an irresponsible partner? That's a sure formula for disaster.

Here is an example from Britain: The intent of a recent government mandated study was to develop methods for screening child care workers, in order to predict who might be a potential child abuser. In the end, it was concluded that there was no common background or other factor that the abusers shared, except that they were male. The researchers' solution: Don't ever let a man be in contact with a child, even in a supervised setting. The men, it was concluded, could do "inappropriate" touching without detection, even when being watched.

Wherever it occurs, putting men and children together gives hysterical women like these researchers and the relics at NOW a chance to do what they do best; that is react to what men do.

Remember hysteria? In 19th century Europe there was an epidemic of women who fainted whenever they had an audience, and an unknown named Sigmund Freud investigated. Freud played their game and gave them the attention they so desperately wanted. He interviewed the swooning women of his day and listened to them talk about nasty men who lusted after their young bodies. Freud faithfully made careful notes of every sexy story the women could relate, and concluded that such events must be the source of the women's swooning. When his colleagues laughed at his assessment, Freud modified his position and said the women just fantasized that they had been molested.

Fantasy or not, some women love to continually relive stories about nasty men who lust after their young bodies...

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