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Taliban Movement Gains Strength
in the United States

by Clyde Verner
page three

Is our Western equivalent of the Taliban on target? In Afghanistan, the Taliban demonstrated that it can act decisively. Women are not expected to take responsibility for their actions, and so are not trusted to meddle in things which involve integrity or responsibility. According to these men, any other role for women would inevitably lead to disaster.

A few years ago the women of NOW fought for equality, but times have changed. Many men who stood beside their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters to fight against sexism have now been alienated by the Holy War.

With a small and shrinking membership, NOW still has established connections that give it political power. Witness their introduction of House Congressional Resolution 182, much of which is taken verbatim from NOW publications. (See Men Are Beasts.)

Women are now often perceived as clinging to their traditional exemptions from the standards of integrity and responsible behavior by which we judge adult males. This failure to accept responsibility turns the "feminist" movement into a sexist power struggle, a crusade of women clinging to their victim status as a reason to fight against men with power.

The way I see it, this is the way some women perceive the world: Men have more power, and so anything women do is justified because it helps counter the power imbalance.

The way I see it, this is the way some men perceive the world: Women behave irresponsibly, so anything men do is justified because they must remain secure in their role and the responsibility that goes with it.

Both of these attitudes serve to maintain the status quo: A man acts and a woman's role is to react to what men do. A man chooses his path; a woman follows behind to clean and complain.

NOW could break out of this vicious circle. Women could be encouraged to redirect their energy out of the reactor role and find their own path. NOW could expect and demand that responsible standards of behavior be applied to women. Where are the real feminists when we need them?

The Holy War rages on. Innocent bystanders all take a step to the right, please.

Remember when trauma was tangible? Without exception, people who had suffered the most horrible traumas spent a lifetime trying to forget what happened. Now these tangible experiences have been cheapened by the claims of women (and even a handful of men) who suddenly "discover" that they were traumatized daily for many years, but had just forgotten about it. Even worse, some persons may actually remember having been touched but had failed to view themselves as victims. What a waste of opportunity!

One of the abuse industry's favorite weapons was the discovered memory. Now discredited, every "discovered memory" victim was essential cannon fodder to be used by those fighting the Holy War Against Men. Their war effort suffered once those who returned to the real world exposed the abuse industry that had sold them a destructive lie.

In successful human families, a dominant male protects his progeny and guides their development...

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