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Taliban Movement Gains Strength
in the United States

by Clyde Verner
page two

In Afghanistan, Taliban followers are convinced that the only solution is to keep all women inside the house, quiet, and away from any position of responsibility.

Should American women be kept away from roles which require adult judgement, or are today's American women ready to take responsibility for their actions? Apparently they are not ready, according to the National Organization for Women (NOW). NOW has passed a resolution indicating their opposition to all penalties for the false reporting of child abuse or spousal abuse. Maybe passing this resolution makes NOW members feel good, but many will interpret this position as confirmation of their widely rumored Holy War Against Men.

In NOW's view of things, there is no problem of false reporting. They would tell us that it is a miscarriage of justice when a man is let free after an abuse charge is found to be without substance. Perhaps NOW would feel much better if we just forgot about this substantiation business altogether. They know that this might result in some women being falsely accused, but that seems a small price to pay when there is a war on.

Saturday February 15, 1997 12:14 AM EST

Florida-1st News in Brief

(JACKSONVILLE) A Jacksonville woman has been sentenced to life in prison for sexually molesting her sons. Donna R. must serve a minimum of 25 years in the sentence handed down Friday. Her defense attorney claimed the boys' father prompted them to make these claims about their mother to get custody when the couple divorced.

Women Who Rape
A collection of news stories about women accused of sex abuse.

NOW seems to have put feeling good ahead of responsibility, and in doing so has sacrificed a valuable piece of its integrity. Misandrist, self-indulgent positions such as this one tend to polarize people's attitudes. Reasonable people can begin to see merit in an opposing stand that they otherwise would shun as extreme.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban used plain old-fashioned male dominance to stake an exclusive claim to the moral virtues of self-discipline, responsibility, and integrity.

In the U.S., our equivalent of the Taliban is the conservative right. They want to actually do something about what they describe as the immorality of the liberal, feminist left, and they promise to take decisive action.

Next: A man chooses his path; a woman follows behind to clean and complain.

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