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Home > Gender War > Article

Taliban Movement Gains Strength
in the United States - page one

by Clyde Verner

These pages take a look at factors pushing a segment of the American population into an extreme position, including a backlash against women's rights, and favoring male dominance.

Readers please note:

  • This article was written long before the WTC attacks on America.
  • This article warns of a rise in Taliban-like reactions to feminist extremists. Only the most careless reader can misinterpret this article as an endorsement of the Taliban in Afghanistan, which it clearly is not.
    Thank you.

    The human female is a weak, pitiful, helpless thing. We cannot expect her to take positions of adult responsibility, or to be held legally accountable for her own actions. She needs a big brother figure always at her side to help her cope in a world ruled by strong males.

    I will demonstrate here that this is the intrinsic assumption reflected by many policies of the National Organization for Women (NOW) as well as the Taliban. While there is some trace of validity to this view of women, it is one which was never entirely accurate, and is even less so in today's western cultures. This article explores some of the issues such a view raises in a world where the average woman no longer expends her life energy in the birthing and raising of twelve children.

    A prevalence of gossip-based legal offenses is characteristic of female power. Talk takes the place of physical evidence.

    Several years ago, my wife was approached by her cousin for help. The cousin asked my wife to say that she had witnessed an abuse incident, in order for her to obtain the divorce settlement she wanted. The woman made it clear that neither the incident she had concocted nor any similar incident had ever occurred in her marriage, yet she expected my wife to help her by giving the false testimony. The lawyer said, "This is just how it is done."

    Next: So what does all this have to do with the Taliban?

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