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Home > Poems > Grandfather with Child

Grandfather-Grandchild Poem: Baby Boomer Grandpa

by Salvador G. Valdez

mother with happy baby
happy baby © Lev Dolgatshjov - Fotolia.com All rights reserved.

Baby Boomer Grandpa

Was it yesterday when we were overtaken by a photo avalanche?

"Yes Dear, she was our first born", my love answered as we sat quietly on the bench.

Should we be emptying our walls for the next photo storm?

With our babies making babies might as well get in form.

Had we had to do it over again, would we?

Being grandparents we will do it anyway, as it should be.

What about those senior escapades we planned?

Don't worry Dear, our babies babies will keep us busy, give up those silly notions that our bodies have already banned.

Aren't we still full of vigor; we're the baby boomers.

Don't believe all that media hype, our generation was just big in numbers going after Bloomers.

My body still hungers for your love and I'm not ready to fast.

Save your zest, you will need it when your grandbabies put you to the test.

Come on Love, can we have a little baby booming?

I suppose so Dear, or else you'll be fuming.

Daughter, can you bring all your babies for dinner?

Alright Mama, we'll make it Papa's night, we'll make him feel like a winner.

Mama, look at Papa go, he is spending so much energy.

Daughter, to have your babies play with him was my smooth strategy.

Mama, Papa is soundly snoring, I will not longer linger.

Thanks, for making Papa's baby booming night, I'm sure tonight he won't even lift a little finger.

(From the manuscript Sentiments of a Poet)
Copyright © 1999 Salvador G. Valdez

Salvador G. Valdez sells his poems individually on appropriate background paper suitable for framing or in frames.

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