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Father-Daughter Poem: The Single Parent

by R.R.Fretz
girl photo 1999 Corbis. All rights reserved.
© 1999 Corbis. All rights reserved.

The Single Parent

Start the coffee first thing in the morning
I wake up quickly without a warning
My little one sleeps, a bump on a log
She always wakes up her head in a fog
There are so many things still left to do
Combing her hair while I'm finding that shoe
For breakfast today, I warm cream of wheat
Then race to the car and buckle her seat
Later we decide what dinner to cook
I vacuum the floor, she finds a good book
She can't understand why I have no spouse
At times, she feels all alone in the house
But for my daughter, I'll always be there
I comfort her with, "I'm going nowhere."
Before bed she asks for time to cuddle
When in my arms her life's not a muddle
This isn't the life we had in our dreams
What ever will happen to us it seems
There'll never be a day where I feel sad
Ever I hear the words, "I love you, Dad."

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